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Unit 1 A brief of Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking ; born , 1942 Oxford,England. High School: St Albans School College: Oxford University Cambridge University: Do research Incurable Disease; motorneuron (肌萎缩性侧索硬化症) wheelchair; a computer system made great contributions in physics Scanning Why did Stephen Hawking need a PhD? When did Hawking become famous ? When did Hawking visit Beijing ? True or false statements: 1.Hawking was told that he had an incurable disease when he was just 21 years old. T 2.Finally Hawking had to give up PhD and his research 3.He and Roger Penrose made new discoveries about the Big Bang and black holes. T 4.“A Brief History of Time” is too difficult for people to understand. 5.Science is about true facts that never change. 6.When Hawking gives lectures, he always speaks through a computer. Choice 1. Which of the following best express the main idea of the passage? ______ d A. Hawking is famous for his new discoveries. B. People should come to terms with their fate. C. A scientific theory is always wrong. D. Anyone with great determination will achieve his success. 2. Hawking became famous in the early 1970s because _____. D A. he was disabled B. he was a PhD C. he was sitting in a famous chair D. he made new discoveries about universe 3. According to the passage, what does “an American accent” mean? ______ C A. Hawking’s accent. B. Hawking’s voice. C. Sounds translated by computer. D. Accent of some British people. 4. From the passage, we can infer that _____. D A. Hawking got married to Jane Wilde before he fell ill B. science is always true C. Hawking is an American D. great scientists always want to know more Questions 1. What did Steven Hawking do when he was told that he had an incurable disease? 2. How would most people feel when they were told that they had incurable diseases and may not live long? 3. What did Hawking do when visiting China? 4. What did Hawking write in 1988? And what did he explain in the book? 5. According to Professor Hawking, how do people misunderstand science? 6. What is that Hawking does not like about his speech computer? 7. What are the basic steps of the scientific method? Discussion How can we grow rice where there is little water?(using the scientific method ) Integrating skills What’s the characteristic of Galileo Galilei? Curious creative Why could Stephen Hawking make contributions to science work? Want to know more What can be described as the ability to use knowledge? Creativity Read for the information to complete the table: Scientists How they make a difference Characteristics Stephen Hawking Always want to know more; Never satisfied with a simple answer… Curious Galileo Galilei Used a microscope and telescope… Curious Believe in what you do the earth moves around the sun Zhang Heng Built a model…show how the position of the stars changed…. Creative..imagination,believe in what you do Invented seismograph Unit 2 Step1 Lead in Do you know what they are? And do you know how they are made? Step 2 Pre-reading The text below is about reporters and newspapers. Look at the title and the pictures. Try to guess which of the following questions the text will answer. _____ How does a reporter decide what to write? _____ How much does a newspaper cost? _____ Why do people read newspapers? _____ How do newspapers report what happens? _____ Where do people read newspapers? _____ How do newspapers help us understand the world? Topic sentence :Newspapers and other media do more than simply record what happens How do you decide what you are going to write? Zhu lin: Before …, discuss … editor…listens, suggests… ( long & important ) …tell…develop Editor’s job----keep …balanced & interesting Chen ying: …done…before starting; begin by contacting…questions interviewing, how ---ask, get…to talk…After…present….,make sure----reflects… Which of the articles that you have written do you like best? Chen Ying: About the efforts Contact museums & interview experts Because …news & story Zhu Lin : …about an ordinary young woman who…adapt to…life because …with real passion; realize…unique Topic sentence: The media can often help solve problems and draw attention to situations where help is needed. Step 3 Careful reading Now please read the text carefully and try to find out the answers to the following questions. 1.Who were asked to be interviewed? 2.Whom does a reporter have to discuss with before he/she decides what to write? And what is the person’s job? 3.Is interviewing someone difficult? What must a reporter know? 4.Which of the articles that they have written do they like best? Why? 5.What could they write about if they could write any article? Why? 6.What is the basic task for a reporter? 7.What result can TV programmes and printed articles bring to us? Post reading 1.Which of the Pre-reading questions are answered in the text? 2. If you were a reporter, what would you like to write about? 3. It is important to be a critical reader. How would you “read” the following media messages? True or false 1.Newspaper and other media just record what happens. 2.The reporter has to discuss with the editor before he/she decides what to write. T 3.Much has been done before the reporter starts writing. T 4.Chen Ying’s favourite story is about an ordinary young woman. 5.The media can often help solve problems and draw attention to situations where help is needed. T Discussion: Do you believe these media ? Unit 3 Scanning 1.When was Modernism invented? 2.Who invented Modernism? A group of architects who wanted to change society with building that went against people’s feeling of beauty 3.Why did they invent Modernism? Modernism … in the 1920s by …who … that went against people’s feeling of beauty. They wanted their buildings…to look natural. Skimming Sum up the main idea of the text: Paragraph 1 Architecture looks at the man-made living environment. Paragraph 2 Modernism Paragraph 3 Modern architecture Paragraph 4 Though modern buildings impress us, they seem hard and unfriendly. Paragraph 5 Ancient architecture shows us many beautiful buildings. Paragraph 6 Antonio Gaudi was an architect inspired by nature. Paragraph 7 There are other modern architecture inspired from nature Paragraph 8 The new Olympic Stadium. Part 1(1 para.) Architecture looks at the man-made living environment. Part 2(2-4 para.) Modernism and modern buildings Part 3(5 para.) Ancient architecture Part 4(6-8 para.) Some modern architecture takes examples from nature. Part 1: Every great culture in the past had its own ideas expressed in art and architecture. Part 2 How and when modernism came into being? Part 3: The difference between traditional and modern…, and why ancient architecture… Part 4: Examples of famous architects and great buildings that take examples from nature. Answer the following questions 1.Who is Antonio Gaudi? He is a modern architect. His Building are full of fantastic Colors and shapes and he likes to use some natural materials. 2.Who is Lloyd Wright ? He is a modern architect, and build an art museum in New York. He was inspired by Japanese seashells. 3. What the materials of modern architecture and the ancient architecture? Careful reading 1. Every great culture has the same styles for buildings, streets, squares and parks 2. Modernism wants the buildings constructed in a way to look natural. 3. Earth, stone, brick and wood are used in modern architecture. 4. Compared with ancient architecture, modern architecture stands much closer to nature. 5. Both the works of Antonio Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright take examples from nature. T 6. The 2008 Olympic Stadium in Beijing looks warm and friendly . T Compare ancient architecture with modern architecture Shape material feeling example ancient architecture Nature does not earth,stone, beautiful Taihe Dian have any straight lines. brick,wood natural the Temple of heaven Cathedral modern.. Huge,like boxes with flat steel, glass, roofs,sharp corners and concrete, hard and Most of modern buildings glass walls unfriendly look the same Post reading Answer the questions on Page20: What do the words in bold refer to? You do not feel invited to enter them modern buildings Antonio Gaudi, a Spanish architect, was the first to understand that. Nature doesn’t have any straight lines. He only wanted natural materials, such as stone, brick and wood to be used and many parts of his building. Antonio Gaudi’s Scan the text and find two architects whose work was inspired by nature. What inspired them. Antonio Gaudi: eyes, bones, fish and a dragon Frank Lloyd Wright: Japanese seashells Answer the following question 1.Which two architects were inspired by nature when they designed? Antonio Gaudi and Frank Lloyd 2. Into which two groups can we divide those materials mentioned in the text? Traditional materials and modern materials. Discussion What’s your feeling about the design of the 2008 Olympic Stadium in Beijing? Share your design for the 2008 Olympics!! Unit 4 Scanning Scan the text and answer the questions. 1.Whose poetry reminds us of Su Dongpo? John Donne reminds readers of Su Dongpo. 2.Whose poetry reminds Chinese readers of Du Fu or Li Bai? Wordsworth, Byron, and Keats remind readers of Du Fu and Li Bai. 3.Can you name some famous Chinese poets? Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Wei, Bai Juyi etc. 4.Write down 5 key words that you would expect to find in a text about poetry. Poem, poet, rhyme, style, image (literature, language, form, line) Fast-reading Questions 1. What are the differences between poetry and other forms of literature? 2. Whose poetry reminds Chinese readers of Du Fu or Li Bai? Whose of Su Dongpo? William Wordsworth George Gordon Byron John Donne John Keats Careful-Reading Para. 1 The characters of poetry. Para. 2 Chinese ancient poets and poetry. Para. 3 Early English poets. Para. 4 English poets of the 19th century. Para. 5 Why modern poets have special attraction? Para. 6 The introduction of English poetry to China. Para. 7 Why more people are interested in English poetry. Divide the text into 4 parts Part 1 Para 1 Brief introduction to poetry Part 2 Para 2 Chinese poetry and poets Part 3 Para3,4.5 History of English poetry Part 4 Para 6,7 Poems can be bridges between the east and the west Choose the best answer 1.Modern English came into being from about the middle of the ____ century. A A.16th B. 17th C. 18th D. 19th 2. The poetry of Marvell reminds Chinese readers of the poems by ____. C A.Du Fu B. Li Bai C. Su Dongpo D. Gou Moruo 3. Byron’s “Isles of Greece” is an example of _____. B A. a sonnet B. romantic poetry C. nature poetry D. modern poetry 4. The wider public in Cina discovered English poetry at the beginning of the _____ century. D A.17th B. 18th C. 19th. D. 20th 5. The advantage of reading English poetry in Chinese translation is ____. D A.that you have more advice B. that something of the spirit is lost C. that you understand it better D. that you learn how to express yourself in new ways True or False 1.The wider public in China discovered English poetry at the beginning of the 19th century. F 2. Modern English came into being from about the end of the 17th century. 3. The advantage of reading English poetry in Chinese translation is that you understand it better. Further-understanding 1. When did modern English start ? Modern English started around the Time of William Shakespeare,towards the end of the sixteenth century . 2. Why do modern poets have their special attraction? Because they stand closest to us both in the language and images they use . 3. When did Chinese readers start reading more foreign poetry? Towards the end of the nineteenth century Chinese readers started reading more foreign poetry . 4. What are the differences between poetry and other forms of literature? ① Poetry plays with sounds, words and grammar ② Poetry is difficult to write,but interesting to read ③ Poetry calls up all the colors, feelings,experiences and curious images of a dream world. there are some words in bold; can you tell what do they refer to? Para. 1 That makes poetry difficult to write, but very interesting to read. ------Poetry plays with sounds,words and grammar. Para. 3 Despite its short history,there is a lot of good poetry around. ------English poetry’s Para. 4 The style and atmosphere in their poems has often… ------William Wordsworth,Byron,John Keats Para. 5 Finally, modern poets have their special …in the language and images they use. ------modern poets Para. 7 They can help us to understand each other better,…------poems and literature Discussion Are poems good for our life? What can we get from poems? 1. Poems bring passion (激情) to our life. 2. Poems help us to understand life, virtues, beauty and romance… 3. Poems make us know, we are here,we can make our life and the world more colorful! Unit 5 Lead-in 1.What places are they? River Thames Oxford university British Museum Thames and Big Ben London Bridge Listen to the tape and answer the following questions. 1.How countries is the Great Britain made up of? Three,England,Scotland and Wales. 2.Is there much rain in the Britain Isles? Yes,there is much rain 3.When did England and Wales make up the Union? 1536. 4.What is the warmest months in the British Isles? July and August Skimming: Skim the text and find out the top sentences for each paragraph. Para. 1: The idea that England stands for Fish&Chips, the Speakers’ corner and the Tower of London is past. (Idea) Para 2: The British Isles is a group of islands that lies off the west coast of Europe. (Geography) Para 3: The climate of the British Isles is mild with a lot of rain. (Climate) Para 4: The culture of the people in the British Isles has received many influences from the European mainland. (Culture) Para 5: In 1066, all of Great Britain and Ireland was run over by the French. (French influence) Para 6: The United Kingdom has a long history. (History) Para 7: In modern times, people throughout the British Isles speak English. (Language) Read the passage carefully and decide whether the following sentences are true or false: ( )1.Many people around the world study English, and they know a lot about British culture. ( ) 2.Great Britain is made up of four countries. ( T ) 3.The island of Britain is separated from France by the English Channel. ( ) 4.Scotland is colder throughout the year, but receives less rain. ( T ) 5.People from different parts of northern Europe settled in England, so the culture of the people of the British Isles was influenced by them. ( T ) 6.The southern part of Ireland is now an independent republic. ( ) 7. In modern time, people throughout the British Isles only speak English. Scanning: Read for details and fill in the form: Headings Details Idea Fact unknown: Made up of three kingdoms Cultural diversity: Different country, common language Geography Position of Britain: Off the west coast England: In the east Scotland: In the north Wales: In the west Position of Ireland: West of Britain Position of the Isle of Man: In the Irish Sea/ between Britain and Ireland Position of the Channel Islands Southeast of Britain Climate The British Isles: mild The Channel Isles: Warmer and sunnier Scotland: cold England and Wales: Rains a lot Culture Influenced by the European mainland French Influence The reason why many English words end up with French words: ruled by French in 1066 History 1536: England and Wales formed the Union 1707: Scotland joined the union Ireland used to be: Part of the UK And now is: An independent republic Northern Ireland: Part of UK The Isle of Man and Channel Islands: Ruled by the King of England Language English, Welsh, Scottish, Gaelic and Irish Scan the text and answer the following questions 1.What are the most important facts about the United Kingdom? The United Kingdom is made up of four parts. They are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 2.Which countries make up the British Isles? Great Britain, Ireland, the Channel Islands and Isle of Man. 3.What are the most important facts about Ireland? Ireland is a large island in Europe. Northern Ireland is part of the UK. while the rest makes up the Republic of Ireland. Questions 1. What is the UK? The UK is really a nation of different countries held together by a common language and culture. 2.What’s the weather in the British Isles like? The climate of the British Isles is mild with a lot of rain. Scotland is colder throughout the year. It also has plenty of rain. 3. From where did the culture of the people in the British Isles receive many influence? The European mainland 4. Who ran over the Great Britain in1066? What’s the result of French influence? The French. The result was that there were many French words in the English language. 5. Which are the first two countries that joined in the UK? England and Wales. 6. What do people throughout the British Isles speak now? English Unit 6 What are mentioned in the article? Travel online shopping Smart credit cards education health medical science sports Pre-reading Scan the text to find out in which paragraph you can find answers to the questions. 1.How will people shop in the future? Para 3 2.How will people travel in the future? Para 2 3.What will schools be like in the future? Para 5 4.What will the future be like in generals? Para 1、6 Transportation 1.Compared with the past, what is the most important thing in future transportation? No pollution is the most important thing. 2.Why will the maglev train be popular in the future? Maglev train Environmentally friendly energy –saving Amazing speed---430 km/h Controlled by an advanced computer system. Health and medicine What makes it possible for people to enjoy a longer life? People will pay attention to …. People are careful about…. Advances in medical science allow us…. New discoveries in …and … may lead to…. Education and knowledge 1.How will the schools of the future be different from what they are today? There may be more “schools on the air” and “e-schools”. 2.How will the way we view learning and knowledge change? We will become lifelong learners Conlusion What should we do to make sure we will have a bright future? If we learn to accept and appreciate what is new and different. We will be well-prepared for whatever the future may have in store. Main idea of each paragraph Para.1 . Computers are already being used in agriculture and industry. Para. 2. People will also use computers more and more in their personal lives. Para. 3. It’s possible that people will work at home. Para.4.Computers will be used more and more in transport. Para. 5.Space travel will become much cheaper Para. 6.In the fields of education, health and research,computers will continue to play an important part. Main idea of two parts Part 1: The prediction of the life in the future. Part2: Future transportation/ education/business/ health and medicine True or false 1. Public transportation is already well developed in most areas of China. 2. Scientists are developing new fuels and engines that are environmentally friendly. T 3. People can combine shopping with fun in the future. T 4. E-commerce will not be so popular as it is not very safe. 5.We will still prefer using cash instead of cards in the future. 6. In the future distance education will play an important part. T 1.What is one way to catch a glimpse of the future ? One way to catch a glimpse of the future is to examine some of the major trends in contemporary society. 2.What’s the advantage of on-line shopping? For companies, the internet makes it easier to keep in touch with customers and companies in other countries. For people , shopping is no longer a necessity but a form of entertainment combining shopping with fun . 3.What kinds of schools will be there in the future?Why are they useful? They are “schools on the air” and “e-schools”. Because people can study whenever they have time and wherever they may be and , what’s more, they will become lifelong learners. Post-reading Advantages disadvantages future transportation clean, fast, safe, without pollution high cost, expensive online shopping convenient saving time no insurance of quality future life longer and healthier e-schools Interesting, convenient, saving time no face-to-face coach Summary Fields What will be used? Results Transportation New technology ;new fuels and engines Cleaner, faster and safer. Business E-commerce;mall; smart cards. Convenient, fun. Health and medicine Healthy diet ; exercising regularly; Enjoy a longer and healthier life; advances in medical science. remain active Education and E-schools; distance education Can study at home; lifelong learners. Knowledge Note-making AREA USE Farms control the growing conditions of plants Banks change money ;pay bills Houses central computer to control heating and hot water recognize some’s voice Transport work out the best distance between trains operate trains Education Store texts Unit 7 Step1 : Leading-in They are all living with HIV Step 2: Skimming 1.In what ways does AIDS spread? AIDS, which is caused by HIV, can be transmitted via unprotected sex, infected blood transfusion or through birth. 2.How many children were infected in the world in 2002? As a result, 3.2 million children were infected in 2002. Step 3 Intensive Reading Find out the main points of each part Para.1 Xiaohua is a person living with AIDS Para2 what is AIDS. Para.3 How do people get AIDS Para.4 Many children become infected with AIDS. Para.5 Since there is little hope for Xiaohua, she decides to use the limited time to do something to help others. Para.6 &7 xiaohua helps AIDS patients and tries to change people’s attitude to them. Part1 Para.1 Part 2 Para.2 Part 3 para.3 Part 4 Para.4 Part 5 Para.5,6,7 How does a person live with Aids and how do others deal with a person living with AIDS? Main idea: This passage mainly tells us what we should do toward AIDS and Aids patients Step 4 Scanning Please read the text carefully again and add more questions to your list. 1.What kind of disease is AIDS? AIDS is a disease that breaks down the body’s immune system and leaves a person defenseless against infections and illness. 2.Where is the disease spreading faster?And why? In Africa and parts of Asia,Mainly because of a lack of proper health care,prevention and education 3.Which kind of people suffers the most? The young. 4.What did Xiao Hua decide to do after she know she got AIDS? She decided to use the limited time she has left to do something to help others. 5.Is the disease the only thing that AIDS patients have to suffer from? No,they also have to deal with people’s fear of the disease 6.What is the best way to show you care about AIDS patients? Giving an AIDS patients a hug. Step 5: Listening and reading 1.People will die immediately after they get AIDS. 2. Xiao Hua has hardly any hope to survive. T 3. In 2002, 3.2 million children in the world were infected with HIV. T 4. We should avoid any contact with AIDS patients. 5. Xiaohua’s life won’t be as long as her classmates’ so she is unhappy. 6. Giving an AIDS patient a hug is the best way to show that you care him / her. T Step 6 Post-reading 1.Find out the difference between AIDS and HIV. HIV is the virus that caused AIDS. AIDS is a kind of incurable disease. People get AIDS after having been infected with HIV virus. 2. How should we act towards people who have HIV / AIDS? What can we do to help them? We should be helpful ,friendly and understanding .We can help them by learning more about the disease and by treating them as normal people. Uni 8 Step 1 Lead-in 1.What should you do if you find a person whose leg is bleeding? Why? 2.What would you do if a person has drunk poison by mistake? Why? Step 2 Skim the text and complete the table Letter Represent Meaning D Danger The accident scene is no longer dangerous R Response To know that he/she is conscious and can breathe. A Airway To make sure a person’s airway is open and it is easy to breathe. B Breathing To start the person who is not breathing at once, using mouth-to-mouth method. C Circulating Make sure the person’s blood is circulating by looking for color, coughing and eye movement. Step 3 Fast- reading What’s the topic of the paragraphs ? Para. 1. First aid is very important Para. 2 The most important is to stay calm. Para. 3-4 When we have to think fast,we must remember DR ABC to give first aid Para. 5-6 When we have checked the DR ABC we should give the first aid that is needed and call an ambulance. Step 4 Scanning 1). Is it vital to learn some knowledge about first aid? Why? Yes, because seconds count in an emergency, and knowing what to do can mean the difference and death. 2). What is the most important thing to bear in mind when you are confronted with an emergency? And for what reason? We must stay calm, for only in this way will we be able to consider what to do and make better decisions. 3). What is a correct way of placing a body so that the airway is clear and it is easy to breathe? (Answers on Page 60.) a… b… c… Step 5 Listen to the tape and answer the question. Para. 1 First aid is very important Why is first aid important in our daily life ? Para. 2 What is the most important thing to remember when dealing with an emergency ? Para. 3-4 What do the hospitals recommend ? What do the letters DR ABC stand for ? What are three important things? 1.Check that the person can breathe. 2.If the person is not breathing, you must try to start his breathing at once. 3.If the person is bleeding badly, you must try to stop the bleeding. Para. 5 What should we do when we have checked the DR ABC ? Para. 6 Can we do first aid correctly after reading this passage? Step 6 Comprehension 1. By saying “ Seconds count in an emergency, ” the writer means ________. A time is very important B you can count numbers by the second C time is life D to be calm down, in an emergency, just say numbers by the second 2. What should you do if you want to do first aid correctly ? A.Learn with a teacher. B Remember the letters DR ABC C Stay calm D All of the above 3. According to the passage, people in the accident_______. A. can be helped by anyone who’d like to do so B. Should be waken up as soon as possible C. should be put in the recovery position when having been given first aid D. can be given first aid even without checking the DR ABC 4. Which of the following sentences best expresses the main idea of the passage? A. DR ABC should be remembered B. Remembering the letters DR ABC is enough forfirst aid C. Why first aid is important and what the letters DR ABC stand for in an emergency D. What the letters DR ABC mean 5. In the passage., the author seems to be _________. A.explaining the meaning of the letters DR ABC B. telling us the importance of the first aid C. giving some basic information about first aid D. showing the importance of DR ABC Step 7 True or false 1. We can do nothing but call an ambulance or the police when someone is hurt. 2. If you don’t know about first aid, never try to revive the wounded person. T 3. We can check blood circulating only by looking for eye movement. 4. If the person is not breathing , we must start her breathing in ten minutes. 5. If a person is bleeding, make sure that the airway is clear and it is easy to breathe. 6. When the accident happens, go to save the wounded people immediately. Step 8 Post-reading Look at the pictures on Page60. Use what you have learnt from the text to explain what the people are doing in the pictures. Picture 1 The man is gently tipping the person’s head back to make sure that his airway is open and it is easy to breathe. Picture 2 If a person is not breathing, we can use the mouth-to-mouth way to start his/her breathing. And this must be done within five minutes. Picture 3 If a person is bleeding, we should cover the wound with a clean piece of cloth and press on the wound to stop the bleeding. Step 9 Retelling Retell something about DR ABC according to the table in pairs. Step 10 Group discussion What are some of the most important things to do at the scene of an accident? Firstly, we should keep calm, make better decisions and call an ambulance or the police. Secondly, we should check the DR ABC and then give first aid if we know how to do it. Thirdly, we should put the person in the recovery position and make sure that the airway is clear and it is easy to breathe. Finally, we should cover the person with a blanket or a jacket to help him or her stay calm, stay with him or her and wait for the ambulance. Unit 9 skimming When and where was the first Earth Summit held? What did they do then? It was first held in Stockholm in 1972.Representatives discussed some of the most important problems facing our planet. Much progress has been made. step1. Fast reading Try to find the main idea of each Para.Match them. Para.1 A brief introduction to 1972,2002 Earth Summits. Para2 The big three and the results caused by them Para.3 The responsibilities of the richer countries Para.4 How to save the earth Para.5 Small changes make big difference Para.6 Sts’ better understanding of he environment and their willingness to act are important Para.7 One of the solutions to the problems---education Listening 1. Listen to Para 1 and find one of the main themes of the summit. Sustainable development 2. Listen to Para 2& 3 and find what topics are talked about by the speakers. 1)What are “The Big Three”? Contaminated drinking water Poor sanitation Air pollution 2) Poverty, War, Violence What’s the present problem with the global development? Richer people get richer while the poor get poorer. 3.What should rich counties do to solve this problem? Rich countries have a responsibility towards poor countries and must do whatever they can to help others. Scan the text and see which of the following best express the main idea of the passage? C A.Different countries have different opinions about development. B.Equality and fairness are badly needed in the today’s world. C.The Earth Summit, a way to save the earth. D.Sustainable development, the future for the world. 1."Sustainable development " was brought forth _______. B A. at the Stockholm Summit B. at the Johannesburg Earth Summit C. by the World Health Organization D. by China's former Premier Zhu Rongji 2. Which of the following is the main cause of millions of deaths in rural areas ? C A. Lack of drinking water B. Poor sanitation C. Air pollution D. Freezing cold 3. Which is the best way to make developing countries prosper ? D A. Holding conferences like the Earth Summit B. Richer countries offer much help C. A better understanding of the environment D. International cooperation 4. Which of the following best expresses the main idea of the passage ? C A. Different countries have different opinions about development B. Equality and fairness are badly needed in the today's world C. The Earth Summit , a way to save the earth D. Sustainable development , the future for the world 5. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage ? D A.The Earth Summit was once of great help to China B. The Earth Summit is the best way to solve all kinds of problems C. Without poverty , war or violence we can develop the world successfully D. Our willingness to take action is necessary for the protection of our environment Compare with your partner and decide what you think each part of the text will be about Introduction (para 1) Introduction of the Earth Summit Body (para 2-6) Major problems facing the world Conclusion (para 7) What we can do to solve the problem Introduction (Para 1) Fill in the form The Earth Summit Time Place Theme 1972 Stockholm The Human Environment 2002 Johannesburg Sustainable Development Step2.Read the text carefully. Para.1 Read it quickly,and answer the questions. In 2002, the Earth Summit was held in Johannesburg in South Africa. One of the main themes of the summit was Sustainable development What does “sustainable development” mean? D A.Developing the nature. B.Developing economy. C.Taking better care of the earth. D.Developing the world without damaging the environment Para2. Listen to the tape . What does the “big three” refer to? Contaminated drinking water, poor sanitation, air pollution. Try to find these sentences true or false. The three big killers in the world are poverty, war, and violence. Air pollution is a big problem only in rural areas,especially in developing countries. 20% of the people on earth have no clean drinking water. Read Para.4---Para.6. Do the following exercises. 1.What one of the visitors said shows that____. C A.There exist serious problems at present. B.It is difficult to save the earth. C.The earth summits make people understand the environment. D.All of us have realized the importance of protecting the environment. 2.What’s the earth summit? C A.It’s a place to find problems. B. It’s a place to discuss how to develop economy. C.It’s a place to find solutions to how to develop without damaging the environment 1.Which of the following statements is not true according to the passage? B A. Farmers are increasing the numbers of their cattle. B. Farmers are limiting the numbers of their cattle. C. Heavy rains and strong winds are destroying the valuable soil. D.Fewer trees are left to hold the soil in place on the hillside. 2.Air pollution doesn't cause _______. D A. the destroying of forests B. the killing of fish in lakes C. illnesses and injuries to people D. the spreading of clouds of radiation 3.What is the possible reason why the Mediterranean can’t clean itself? D A.One quarter of the shores are polluted. B. A lot of diseases are present in the water. C. It lies between Europe and Africa. D. It has only one narrow entrance to the ocean. 4. The 1st part of the passage is mainly about ________. A A. the reasons why the area of desert is growing B. the numbers of cattle farmers should keep C. the valuable soil strong winds blow away D. the damage rains and winds bring about 5. If people change their habits, pollution _______. B A. can be completely stopped B. will become less and less C. can do less damage to people D.will do no harm to people 6. According to the text _________ are the worst enemy of nature. B A. cattle B. humans C. deserts D. chemicals Now, please read the passage carefully. You should pay attention to some detailed information in the passage . After that .Please answer these questions. 1 .What are the “big three”? The “big three” refers to contaminated drinking water, poor sanitation and air pollution. 2 . Why are conferences like the Earth Summit important? Because they help people understand that there exist serious problems and that there’s still time to take action. They can tell us what we can do to help, too. 3 .What issues are discussed at the Earth Summit? Contaminated drinking water, poor sanitation, air pollution, poverty, wars and violence. 4.What is the key to the problem according to the text? Why? Education 1. To build a better society and put an end to the death and suffering caused by the big three 2. To wipe out much of the poverty. 3. To see less violence and fewer wars. summary Accidents I. Time : 1986 Place : at a nuclear power station in Russia Results : 125,000 die Accidents II Time : 1984 Place : at a factory in the town of Bhopal in India Results : 2500 be killed; many lose sight Fact causes results Earth desert grow every year cattle ; trees be cut down have less farm land Air be polluted; chemical rain smoke from; accidents forests be destroyed; fish be killed ; do harm to people water be polluted; diseases waste from ; accidents living things be killed ; have less drinking water ; nowhere to swim Discussion If you are one of the representatives at the Earth Summit, What proposal will you offer to solve the problems on the earth? Unit 10 Step 1 Lead in 1.What’s the weather like today? 2.Do you often care about the weather? 3.How do you hear about it? 4.Have you ever heard of typhoon? 5.What words can you think of to describe the typhoon weather? heavy wind (blow hard) storm roaring thunder Also roaring forties: part of the Atlantic Ocean, often very stormy, between latitudes of 40 and 50 degrees south. 6. What will you feel in such kind of weather? frightened, scared, terrible, happy (why?) 7. What about the hurricane? Have you everheard about it? 8. What about volcano? 9. Look at the picture. Find out as much as you can to describe it. Eruption lava 10. How is a volcano formed? The rocks under the earth becomes hotter and hotter and erupted from the mountain. 11. Where is the most possible place that a volcano may erupt? Near the oceans 12. Do you know how a volcano works,if you do, describe it? Gas vapour, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, sulphur, etc. Solid bits of rock and volcanic ash, etc. Liquid lava Step 2 Pre reading the town of Pompeii (relics) two thousand years ago 18 hours Skimming Main idea of each part: Para.1 General introduction to the letter. Para.2 When and where the volcano erupted? Para.3-6 What Pliny did when the volcano erupted? Para.7 Conclusion to the letter. Decide whether the following sentences are true or false. 1.A volcano erupted on the 24th of August in 79 BC in southern Italy. 2.My uncle planned to save his friend’s wife Rectina. 3.My uncle went to rescue Pompy after saving Rectina. T 4.The flames came from the homes of farmers who had left in a panic with the kitchen fires still on. 5.They decided to try the open air instead of staying in the house. T 6.It was night when the volcano erupted Divide the text into several parts and tell the main idea of each part. Step 3 While reading Scan the text and answer the following questions. 1.What did Tacitus ask the author to do? Ask him to write him sth about the death of his uncle Pliny. 2.From whom was the letter which the author’s uncle brought? From his friend’s wife Rectina. 3.Where was Rectina’s house? At the foot of Vesuvius. 4 What did the captain urge the author’s uncle to do? He urged the author’s uncle to turn back. 5 Why did the author’s uncle ask to be taken to the baths? Because he wanted to help the other to calm down. 6 When was the author’s uncle’s body found? When daylight came again two days after he died. 7.What is described in the following passage? The eruption of the volcano called Mount Vesuvius. 8.When and where did it happen? On the 24th of August in 79 AD in southern Italy. 9.Who is the writer of the letter? Pliny, the younger.( The author of the letter is Pliny’s nephew.) Read the text carefully & fill in the following form. Date: On the 24th of August in 79 AD in southern Italy. What happened: The eruption of the volcano called Mount Vesuvius. First A cloud of unusual size & shape rising from a mountain drew my uncle’s attention and he wanted to see it from closer at hand. Next After receiving a letter from his friend’s wife Rectina, he changed his mind to save her. Then In spite of the danger, he turned back to rescue his friend Pompy and help calm down the other people Finally My uncle wanted to get out of the danger but failed. He was dead. Arrange the following statements according to the right order. 1.He decided to rescue his friend Pompy. 2.Some people watched an unusual cloud rising from a mountain. 3.Rectina begged him to save her. 4.He ordered a boat made ready. 5.Two slaves helped him stand up and immediately he fell down dead. 6.He bathed and had dinner. 7.A rain of rocks was coming down. 2 4 3 1 6 7 5 Read the text again and explain what the words in bold refer to. it: a cloud of unusual size and shape rising from a mountain the one: the wind the other: my uncle’s friend Pompy their: flames They: scared people The eruption of Mount Vesuvius Time What happened on the 24th of Aug. in 79AD, between 2 & 3p.m. a cloud rose from the mountain afterwards some of the cloud was white and dark after dinner broad sheets of flame were lighting up many parts of Vesuvius the next day shower of rock, darkness This passage mainly tells us________. C A To tell sth about Volcano happening in 79AD B To tell sth about the death of Uncle Pliny C To help Tacitus to recall what happened to Uncle Pliny D To be in memory of Uncle Pliny