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Language functions: Introduce themselves, greet people, ask for and give telephone. Goals: Use Hello, Hi. Introduce themselves. The number0-9. Structures: Present tense to be. What question. Possessive adjectives my, your, his, her. Vocabulary: Personal names, numbers 0-9. phone number, first name, last name, Hi, Hello Target language: What’s your name? My name is… I’m Gina. Nice to meet you. What’s your phone number? It’s… Learning strategies: Practicing. Listening for specific information. Four periods Period 1 Step 1 Revision Revise the words and the sentences: What’s this in English?” Do P1-1a Teach new words and then let them read. Step 2 Pairwork Greet people and introduce yourself Step 3. Presentation 1. Look at the picture P1-1a, listen to the conversations. 2. Do P1-1b. 3. Listen and repeat the conversations. 4. Pairwork. Do P1-1c. Practise the conversations. Report: self-introduction Use: My name is… I am… I want to be your good friend Step 4 Listening 1. Look at the picture p2-2a. listen to the conversations. 2. Do p2-2a 3. Teach the class to read the names. 4. Do p2-2b. Step 5 Presentation 1. Using gestures and models, help the class to understand the sentences: My name is…= I am Her name is… His name is… 2. Pairwork Do p2-2c 3. Groupwork. Do p3-4 Step 6 Grammar focus 1.Let the students read and ask any questions. 2. Teach them how to write the sentences. Homework Do p2-2c Period 2 Step 1. Revision 1.Revise the words p1-p2. 2.Groupwork: Play the name game,p3-4 3.teach the new words p3, p5 step 2. Presentation I. show a photo of Cheng long. T: Who is this? S: It’s Chenglong What’s his name? His name is chenglong. What’s his English name? His English name is Jacky Cheng. 2. Name First name(Given name) Last name (Family name) Cheng long Long Cheng Jacky Cheng Jacky Cheng 4. Cheng long. His first name is Long. His last name is Cheng. Jacky Cheng. His first name is Jacky. His last name is Cheng. II. Show a photo of mine. Who is this? My first name is… My last name is… III. Groupwork What’s your/his/her name? What’s your/his/her first/last name? Iv. Report: Self-introduction My name is… My first name is…and my last name is… I want to be your good friend. Step3. book 1. Do p3-3a, 3b 2. Give yourself and English name the report My English name is… My first name is…and my last name is… 3. Do p5-3a Step 4 Homework Make a ID card. Period 3 Step 1. Revision 1. Pairwork what’s your first/last name? 2. Report Tell us your personal information Step 2 words Do p4-1a Groupwork: Read the numbers. Say your favourvite number. Step 3 Presentation 1. This is my mobile phone. My telephone number is…This is Miss Zhang. Her telephone number is… What’s her telephone number? It’s… What’s your telephone number? It’s… 2.Pairwork What’s your telephone number? It’s… 3. Groupwork What’s your/his/her telephone number? It’s… Do p4-2c p5-4 Step 4 book 1. Listening Do P4-1b, 2a, 2b 2. show their ID cards 3. Do P5-3b, 3c 4. Check their ID cards. Step 5 Homework Make a school ID card Period 4 Step 1 Revision Revise the words and the sentences that they learned in this unit. Revise the numbers Step 2 Exercises 1. Do 1. Ask them to check all the words they know. Find out the meanings of any words they don’t know. 2.Write five new words in their Vocab-builder on p108.Share their lists with other students. 3 Complete the questions and answers individually for the other three situations. 4 Read just for fun. Discuss where the humor comes from. Invite pairs of students to present this dialogue to the rest of the class. Step 3. Game 1. Play the name game. P3-4 2. Find the owner. P5-4 Step4 Homework Remember the words and the sentences.