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  Life is a boundless sea, a person is a small boat on the sea. The sea is not calm, so people are always happy and sad. When the trouble of nameless comes, frustrated and confused burning each nerve. But, my friend, don't forget to keep a quiet heart. The pain will no longer be there.  In front of everyone, there is a road to the distance, rugged but full of hope. Not everyone can go far away, because there are always people who are tired of leaving their shoes in the sand. Therefore, the feeling of the master is not the pleasure and the pain itself, but the mood.  When the troubles of life come, please drop the load, look up to the bright, blue sky, let the gentle blue into the heart. Just as I was tired of playing in my childhood, I lay down on a soft green grass and let the sun dance on my face and let the breeze brush the unwrinkled heart.  When surrounded by layers of frustrated, please open the window and let the breath of fresh air came in, and in the earthy scent of sweet looking for a quiet, like a child, pick up the dandelion of fine beard, summoned the cheeks are blown open a and a small umbrella, with a surprise close your eyes, make a wish. Therefore, the heart has a lot of comfort and joy.  When the helpless melancholy comes, please shine your eyes, watch the sunset, listen to the birds chirping. Like a childhood in a small courtyard to listen to the song of cricket cricket, the rise of a number of stars twinkling in the sky. So, all the annoying noises gradually disappear, and have a quiet heart.  Hold on to a peaceful heart, you will sincerely sigh: even if I am not happy, do not frown deeply, life is short, why should we cultivate bitterness?  Hold on to a quiet heart, you will understand that big can dilute worry, quiet can dispel confusion. Yes, no one knows how far away it is, but open the window of the soul, let the sunshine and the moonlight come in, and there is a song of joy that never dies.  By holding on to a peaceful heart, you can constantly transcend and challenge yourself constantly. Even if the distance is forever, there will be something -- a miracle. From youth digest


  On the water, arch the ancient stone bridge, like a curved eyebrows;  Under the stone bridge, there were Bridges in the water, and people and umbrellas, dogs and gardenia flowers, bamboo hats, and selling steamed cakes.  The Banks of the river are narrow and steep; On the shore, there is a walk back to the court, there is a tea house to the river, the book field, the restaurant; There was also a home, a stone stair to the back door of the house, and the sisters were squatting on the stone terraces, washing dishes, and washing their feet, and washing rice; Their prints are like colorful herbs.  Their soft words, like the return of purple yan, playing the twittering of the spring song;  On the bridge, under the bridge, in the basket, is fresh and fresh, fish, fish, mandarin fish;  In the bamboo basket, it is the water chestnut, lotus root, zanggu, and water chestnut;  The little street, though paved with slabs of stone, is as if it were in the water, like a river harbour, and the fishy smell of it. Perhaps, this is jiangnan. Sketch in a corner of jiangnan.  The sound of the soft and beautiful silk string;  That is more beautiful than xi shi, more intelligent young girl; Perhaps this is the image and character of jiangnan.


  The Netherlands is the land of water, the land of flowers and the land of pasture. The green and low ground between the canals, the black and white cattle, the white head black cattle, the white waist-blue black cattle, and the head grazing. Some cattle are covered with moisture-proof felt. The cattle ruminate, sometimes standing still, as if they were thinking. The calf looks like your ladyship, with a dignified appearance. An old cow is like a parent of a herd of cows. Far and wide, it was surrounded by verdant velvets and black and white flowers. This is the real Netherlands. This is the real netherland: the green lowlands are inlaid with canals, the horses in groups, the husks are strong, the legs are thick as columns, and the mane is flying in the wind. In addition to deep grass covering the canal, nothing can stop they go to Utrecht or I fu le, vast fields seems to be owned by them, they are the master of the free kingdom, and the duke.  Low on the ground and white sheep, they are in the paradise of green grassland, leisurely. The black pigs, grunting, seemed to approve of something. There were also thousands of chickens, hairy goats, but no one. This is the real Netherlands.  It was only in the evening that someone came in the boat, sat on the stool, and milked the serious silent cows. The golden evening glow spread on the western sky, and occasionally in the distance.  The whistle blew, and then there was silence. Here, no one shouted, and the bell on the cow's neck did not sound, and the milker was silent.  In the canal, boats filled with milk barrels slow and smooth, and car trains carry a can of milk to the city. After the car, everything was calm again, the dog did not bark, the cattle in the circle did not make a moo, the horse hoofs did not kick the stable, it was very quiet. Sleeping animals, silent lowlands, and dark nights, only a few lighthouses in the distance gleamed.  This is the real Netherlands. (.). [qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】]相关文章: 1.摘抄英语qy288 2.qy288的段落摘抄 3.英语qy288的摘抄 4.最新qy288摘抄 5.qy288的摘抄及赏析 6.英语qy288摘抄小学 7.青春qy288好句摘抄 8.情感类qy288摘抄 9.《读者》qy288摘抄 10.摘抄qy288赏析