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  现代英语所使用的拼写字母,也是完全借用了26个字母。所谓“英语字母”,就是古罗马人在书写时所使用的拼写字母。  英语九年级14单元课件  教学目标  1语言目标:掌握本单元重点词汇及复习语言点。  2 技能目标:能谈论过去和未来的生活.  3 情感目标:珍惜初中生活的点滴,培养对高中、未来生活的憧憬。树立远大人生目标。  教学重点  词汇: survey, standard, row,keyboard, method, instruction, text, level, degree, manager, gentleman, task,wing, double, shall, overcome, congratulate, caring, senior, thirsty, thankful,separate, ours, ahead  短语: in a row, lookback at, make a mess, keep one’s cool, senior high, go by, believe in, first ofall, be thirsty for, be thankful to sb., ahead of, along with, be responsiblefor, set out, separate from  句子: She helped you to worked outthe answers yourself no matter how difficulty they were.  How have you changed since you startedjunior high school?  I’ve become much better at speakingEnglish.  What are you looking forward to?  I’m looking forward to going to seniorhigh school.  教学难点:对过去事件的描述。  课时划分  Period 1 Section A 1 1a – 2d  Period 2 Section A 2 3a-3c  Period 3 Section A 3Grammar Focus-4b  Period 4 Section B 1 1a-2e  Period 5 Section B 2 3a-Self Check  Section A 1 (1a – 2d)  I. Warming up  1. Do you have any special memories ofjunior high school?  2. Which teachers will you miss the mostafter junior high school?  II. Work on 1a.  Check the things you remember doing at junior high school. Add more to the list.  Practice in pairs using the information in 1a.  At junior high school,  I remember:  _____winning a prize  _____being a volunteer  _____doing a school survey  _____a friend helping me with a problem  Learn the new word: survey  III. Listening  1. Work on 1b. Listen and match the memory with the person.  First, let Ss understand the meaning of thesesentences. Then play the record. Check the answer with the Ss.  Learn the new word: standard  2. Listenagain and answer the questions.  1) What did Mary lose in Grade 7?  2) Who helped her find it?  3) What kind of person is Mr. Brown? Is he strictwith students?  4) What did Peter do to meet Mr. Brown’s standards?  3. Work on 1c. Listsome memories and experiences from junior high school. Share your lists withyour partner.  Possible answers:  I remember...  scoring two goals in a rowduring a soccer competition.  winning a basketball competition.  putting a plastic snake into a classmate's desk.  getting a wish card in Christmas Day.  I have...  learnedto play the keyboard in music class.  learnedto sing many English songs.  learnedto play basketball with my friends.  Learn some new words.  4. Work on 2a. Listen to the conversation. Check(√) thefacts you hear.  First, let Ss read the sentences. Then play therecord and check the answer.  ______Someone didn’t like P.E.  ______Someone was advised to take a break fromrunning by a teacher.  ______Someone had a health problem.  ______Someone joined the school band.  ______Someone liked Mr. Hunt’s teaching methods.  5. Work on 2b.Listen again. Match each question with the name of the person.  6. Listen again and fill in the blanks.  Lisa remembers they had a great _____ teacher. He gave clear ___________and he was ______, too. Luke remembers when That’s life _______ at school. Theywrote a _____ to the band _______ to come.  Juniorhigh has been ______, but it has been a lot of __________.  IV. Practice  1. Work on 2c. Role-play a conversation in your group usingthe information in 2a and2b.  A:Do you remember Mr. Hunt?  B: Of course! He isa great teacher. He gave really clear instructions during the P.E. class.  C: Yeah, he was kindwhen I hurt my knee. He told me to take a break from running.  Learn the new word:instruction.  2. Workon 2d. Role-play the conversation.  LetSs read the text and answer the questions.  1)Which teachers will they miss?  2)What subjects do the teachers teach?  3)Why will they miss them?  4)What will they do to thank them?  V. Language points  1. I remember scoring two goals in a rowduring a soccer competition.  in a row连续几次地  e.g. This is the third Sunday in a row that it's rained.  这是接连着的第三个星期天下雨了。  2. … I put in more effort and my examscores doubled.  doublev.加倍; 是……的两倍  adj.两倍的; 加倍的  e.g. They bought a double bed.  他们买了一张双人床。  I think we can double our marks in one year.  我认为我们可以在一年内把成绩翻一番。  3. Shall we get each of them a card andgift to say thank you?  shall modal v.将要; 将会  e.g. Shall we all go to the film tonight?  我们今晚都去看电影吗?  Everything shall be in good order.  一切都应该井然有序。  I shall follow all yourinstructions.  我一定照您的指示去做。  VI. Homework  1. Recite the conversationin 2d.  2. Finish the exercises inthe workbook.
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