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  导语:为了解决大家的疑问,小编特地为大家整理了“qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】”相关内容,仅供参考!  八年级英语下册《An E-mail to Grandpa》教案新冀教版  Unit 4 The Internet Connects Us lesson 24 An E-mail to Grandpa  一、Teaching content:(教学内容)  New words and phrases: set up a time.  2. Understand the meaning of text.  二、Teaching goals:(教学目标)  1. Make the Ss can understand the meaning of text.  2. Make the Ss can use the Internetsend e-mails.  3. Ask the Ss to talk about how to use the Internet.  三、Key points:(重点)  Make the Ss can use the Internet---send e-mails.  Difficult points:(难点)  Ask the Ss to talk about how to use the Internet  五、Teaching aids:(教学辅助) ictures or cards.  六、Type of the lesson:(课程类型) New lesson.  七、Teaching procedure:(教学过程)  Step 1.Analysis of the student.(学生分析)  Homework check.  Review: In last lesson, we learned that the Internet has advantages and disadvantages. Now, we should use the Internet in right ways, but don’t let it take up all of your time. After all, all things have two sides.  Step 2. Lead in.(引入)  Greet the students in English and make sure they can response correctly.  Do the duty report: a student on duty can say whatever he/she likes to say.  Come to “THINK ABOUT IT”. Do you prefer writing a report on paper or on the computer? Why?  How often do you use your computer for work, study or fun?  Step 3. New lesson.(新课)  No. 1 repare lessons before class. Teach the new words and phrases. Make sure the Ss can read it correctly.  No. 2. Text: Give them some time to read the text themselves. Then let them act out the dialogue in groups. Correct their pronunciation when necessary. Read the text silently and check the answers. Let the students discuss the main idea of the passage in details. At last, the teacher explains the text in Chinese; make sure the Ss can understand the meaning of text.  No. 3. Finish “Let’s Do It!”  Step 4. Play the tape for the Ss to follow.  Make the Ss listen the text, then let them read follow the tape.  Step 5. Summary. (小结)  Sum up the text what we learned, the new words, phrases, and sentences.  Sum up the grammar.  Step 6. Homework.(作业)  Finish the activity book and the practice.  Copy the new words and phrases twice.  Step 7.Blackboard-writing:(板书)  The new words, the master phrases, important sentences.  The grammar and practice.  八.Teaching reflection:(教后反思) [qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】]相关文章: 1.英语八下第二单元课件 2.八下英语unit23a课件 3.初三英语单元课件 4.六年级上册英语第五单元课件 5.四年级英语上册第五单元课件 6.人教版英语必修五第五单元课件 7.必修2英语第二单元课件 8.九年英语13单元课件 9.六下英语三单元课件 10.英语八上册课件七单元