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  课题:Comic strip and welcome to the unit  【目标】:  1.学习城市中有关活动场所的词汇.  2.将活动和地点联系起来并建议到不同的地点活动或游玩.  3.词汇: none, order, tin, pizza, enjoy doing…., Chinese food, play badminton, love doing…, watch films, a tin of dog food, order a pizza  【课前预习】  预习课文,回答下列问题  1. How much money do they have? _____________________  2. Where does Eddie want to go to buy food? _____________________  3. What does Eddie want to do with one yuan? _____________________  [课堂训练]  一.词组翻译  1去超市_________________________ 2 饿了 ____________________________  3多少钱_________________________ 4 多少听狗食_______________________  5订一个比萨饼___________________ 6计划一些活动______________________  7看电影_________________________ 8 喜爱打羽毛球_____________________  9.去不同的中餐馆_________________ 10 带他们去运动中心_______________  二. 根据句意和首字母填空  1.The question is very easy,but n________ of us can answer it.  2. Let’s o________ some cakes and fruit.  3. We’ll go to the c_________ to see that wonderful film.  4. I love w__________ ball games.  5. They will go to the shopping m_________ to buy some clothes.  6.Can we buy the food ________(用) so little money?  7. I can’t find my Walkman. ________(也许) I left it in the classroom.  8. He enjoys __________(吃) Chinese food.  9. I think we can go there by . (地铁)  10. Walk along the road (直到) you see the post office.  11. There are only two (听,罐) of Coke in the fridge.  12. I can’t find my walkman. (也许) I left it in the classroom.  [课后巩固]  一 用所给词的适当形式填空  1. None of them ________(be) from the UK  2. Would you like _________(go) to the sports center with me?  3. There are at _________(little) 2000 students in our school.  4. Jane likes shopping. She wants to go to the _________(shop) mall.  5. A group of exchange students _________(visit) the Great Wall now.  6. There ________(be) much money in my pocket.  7. The students ____________(plan) an activity at the moment.  8. He loves _________(play) basketball. Let’s ______ (go) ______(play) it.  9. I would love ________(play) football this afternoon.  10.The teacher tells us ________(work) hard.  二. 句型转换  1. Uncle Wang may be at home.(改同义句)  ________ Uncle Wang ________ at home.  2. I have two cartons of milk.(对划线部分提问)  ________ ________ ________ of milk _______ you have?  3.Carol has three bottles of orange juice.(同上)  __________ __________ orange juice _________Carol ________?  4.All of us like this comic book.(否定句)  ________ _______ ______ ______ this comic book.  5.There’s no dog food.(用not改写)  There ________ ________ dog food.  6.We have only 3yuan .( 对划线部分提问)  _______ _________ _________ do you have?  7 We can buy 3 tins of coke with 20yuan. (提问)  _______ _______ ________ of coke can you buy with 20yuan?  8 Maybe there is a football match between our classes.(同义句)  There _______ ________a football match between our classes.  三、翻译句子  1. 我可以点一份比萨和两听可乐吗?  _________________________________________  2. 你的运动鞋花了多少钱?  _________________________________________  3. 你有多少钱啊?  _________________________________________  4. 我喜欢打羽毛球.  _________________________________________ [qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】]相关文章:
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