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  People will face more problems in life and work in their middle age. Looking back on the past few years, the work is not properly handled. After all, the unit is relatively small and can not afford a long time off, so I have to quit my job at home. Now facing again find a thing to do today, ganqiao autumn breeze rustling, hearts like autumn, ancient scholar, mood is somewhat low. But after all, we have to face it. After all, we have to continue in any case. At the very least, the first thing is to keep the family alive.  Now, I am over forty years old. Now young people are smart and flexible. Especially when combined with intelligent terminals, the way to deal with transactions is more efficient. Although more and more unsuitable for their age occupation demand now seems to be a stretch, but only from the time and effort is really not today's young people.  Next, how should I strive to get a job? A generation has the nature and pursuit of a generation. People who have dreams and aspirations are basically successful at this age, or at least relatively stable. As a very ordinary practitioner, how should we face the present self? "I want to be a good person before I can be a good person". Though I am very plain, I still care much. As an ordinary person, I have to encourage myself to constantly improve myself in every drop. It's not a technology capability category to be able to share weal and woe with people, but now teamwork is more and more concentrated. In this case, affinity is more important. As I grow older, I do not want to say goodbye to my simple clothes. But I will never say goodbye to my precious and simple soul. I remember saying, "slow down and keep your heart on track". Don't lose the color you have, or you will lose yourself day by day.  Many job seekers face profession wrong and complain incessantly, and be able to find 100 of their own is not a coward's reason, is not willing to take even a fact to prove that I was brave. In the increasingly fierce competition in the future society, mutual cooperation and common struggle is more and more important, not to cooperate with others, will be conducive to the common enterprise, more conducive to personal development, years of work and life experiences that I deeply appreciate the "dry line, love line" and "no one will no real meaning will be laid off, dedicated unemployment". Today, looking for a job again, whether the future is optimistic or not, I will bravely ring the door of happiness and make myself better adapt to the needs of the society in the new working environment, so as to realize the life value of myself and others.  There are many job seekers who feel sad, sad and sad. Worry worry about it, perhaps only in that making their own learning effectively, do well, live.


  The time is short, but still passed away; although the spring and Autumn period is long, it is also in a hurry. In this long and short time, we should make full use of it, not to get lost in it.  Life is a smoke-free war that life has launched for us. However, the battlefield is a thick white mist, there is no smoke, but had a Olga fog, there is no warriors, but empty lonely and lonely. There is no direction, no marks, no commanders, some only their own perseverance, and have their own strength.  At that time, when I was just studying, I had no idea, I was very confused about my future life, I couldn't speak my favorite things and I couldn't talk about the job I wanted. The family asked, my life seemed to be in the mist, fog is overlapped around the side, no direction, no roads, no light, there is only a hazy mist, just bleak wind, just silent lonely and helpless, but more confused. Such a life, no one can bring me light, and no one can break the fog for me to illuminate the direction. If I want to be lost, I must rely on myself to rush out of the fog and rush to the top of life. Otherwise, it will always be immersed in the fog and can't escape.  I wandered for a long time in this hazy fog, and I had been confused for a few years, and I could not give up, but I had no direction. I tried hard to find out all kinds of ideals to rush out of the fog, but life had brought me a lot of jokes and was broken by reality.  I have hoped countless times in the night sky above my forehead to have a blinking star to light up for me, and a shining star can break it. How I wish I could have a goal, a yearning to rush out of the fog and change my life, but I was surrounded by a cruel reality.  Don't let confusion lose myself. It's my firm belief that I can do it without knowing it. With it, I saw the light outside the fog.  In the days to come, although my words are not perfect, but I see the hope, they will go for one time.  People find their ideal in the confusion, the real number is not easy. Wish us to be strong on the road of our own life, not to be lost and lost in the direction of self. [qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】]相关文章: 1.英文励志小短文加翻译 2.感人励志的小短文英文 3.有关青春励志英语短文 4.唯美青春励志英文短文 5.励志英语短文 6.励志爱情短文 7.有关励志的英语短文带翻译 8.青春励志英语短文100字 9.2017青春励志的英语短文 10.经典励志英语短文