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Easy come, easy go. 易得者亦易失。以下是小编整理的关于qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】,欢迎阅读。 A belly full of gluttony will never study willingly. 吃得过饱,懒得学习。 A big wind can blow through a small hole.针尖大的窟窿,斗大的风。 A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.双鸟在林 ,不如一鸟在手。 A bird is known by its note, and a man by his talk.闻声知鸣鸟,闻言见人心。 A bit in the morning is better than nothing all day.上午有一点收获 ,总比全天无收获好. A black plum is as sweet as a white.黑梅白梅一样甜。 A blind man will not thank you for a looking-glass.瞎子不谢赠镜人。 A blunt knife may be sharpened on a stone, but if a man is stupid there is no help for his stupidity.刀钝石上磨,人蠢没奈何。 A boaster and a liar are all one.吹牛撒谎一家亲。 A boisterous horse must have a boisterous bridle.烈马要套上好辔头。 A great man is always willing to be little. 伟大的人物总是愿意当小人物的。 All for one, one for all. 人人为我,我为人人。 Beggars cannot be choosers. 行乞者不得有选择。 Cowards die many times before their deaths. 懦夫在未死之前,已身历多次死亡的恐怖了。 Easy come, easy go. 易得者亦易失。 Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. 生活而无目标,犹如航海之无指南针。 Lookers-on see most of the game. 旁观者清。 Love rules his kingdom without a sword. 爱,统治了他的王国,不用一枝利剑。 Other men live to eat, while I eat to live. 别人为食而生存,我为生存而食。 The darkest hour is that before the dawn. 黎明前的时分是最黑暗的。 The longest day has an end. 最难过的日子也有尽头。 There is no rose without a thorn. 没有玫瑰花是不长刺的。 Victory won’t come to me unless I go to it. 胜利是不会向我走来的,我必须自己走向胜利。 We soon believe what we desire. 我们欲望中的东西,我们很快就信以为真。
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