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  The time goes so fast that it will be the Spring Festival in 2016. I really hope I am looking forward to the Spring Festival come early, one family happy together to do special purchases for the Spring Festival over the festive season.  I'm going back home and reunion with my family. I usually live with my mom and Dad, my hometown is far away, only a few times a year. I miss a lot of granny, Grandpa, grandma, aunt and so on. I wanted to talk to them, Lala, and report to them about their study.  I have to witness the great changes in my hometown. A few days ago to call grandpa said, the village had the asphalt road, every family are covered with tap water, many farmers built a building, watch the CCTV, the placement of the phone, using a mobile phone, washing machine, motorcycle and other modern equipment, many in the past to buy vegetables, can be bought at any time now. I think a walk in the village on the road, the houses look, holding a glass of tap water taste, feel the new rural construction has brought benefits to farmers and convenient.  I have to feel the lively atmosphere of the Spring Festival in my hometown. The Spring Festival in the countryside is busy. Every family gate will stick up the festive fireworks firecrackers everywhere antithetical couplet, wonderful folk art performances as one falls, another rises, and attracted people stop to watch. I want to appreciate the yearning for happiness from door to door with firecrackers and antithetical couplet, mom and Dad, look at the fire performance.  Although the annual Spring Festival is almost the same, but as the age is going on, I feel more and more how well the children who are away from home are eager to go home. I believe this spring festival will bring me lots of happiness.  说起来,时间过得真快,再一个月就到2016年的春节了。我真希望春节早些来到,我盼望着一家人 其乐融融的在一起办年货,过佳节。  我要回老家和亲人团聚。平时我和爸爸妈妈生活在一起,老家离得很远,一年只能回几次。我太想念姥姥、爷爷、奶奶、姑姑等好多亲人了。我想和他们说说话、拉拉家常,向他们汇报一下自己的学习情况。  我要亲眼目睹家乡的巨大变化。前几天听爷爷打电话说,村里通上了柏油马路,家家户户都安上了自来水,不少农家盖起了楼房,看上了闭路电视,安上了电话,用上了手机、洗衣机、摩托车等现代用品,很多过去买不到的蔬菜,现在随时都能买到。我想到村里的柏油路上走一走,到各家各户看一看,盛一杯自来水尝一尝,感受一下新农村建设给农民带来的实惠和方便。  我还要感受一下家乡春节的热闹气氛。农村的春节可热闹了。家家户户大门口都会贴上喜庆的对联,到处燃放的鞭炮声此起彼伏,精彩的锣鼓社火表演引得人们驻足观看。我要挨家挨户欣赏向往幸福的对联,和爸爸妈妈一起放鞭炮,看一看社火表演。  虽然每年的春节大致一样,但随着年龄的正在,我也越来越能感受到,背井离乡的孩子是多么渴望回家啊!我相信,这个春节一定会给我带来很多快乐。


  The evening of the new year's Eve, the Xiao Ming family is at the table, talking and laughing to eat the evening meal. This is the joy of the broken Ding Dong sound crisp sound, Xiao Ming was hit a question mark, wondering, think: who is it? He thought as he opened the door. Oh It turned out that his distant relatives had come to Shanghai for a visit, and he immediately invited them into the room for dinner.  After a day, everyone gets up early to go to the new year. On the street, Malone, the flow of people like tide, a step is difficult, Xiao Ming a slow progress, finally squeezed into the subway station. What do you want to do? The original is to go to Town God's Temple to play, they are just squeezed together, afraid of being "rushed" by the crowd. For one morning, they finally squeezed into the snack bar. They walk like a hungry tiger at its prey on the two floor, a table and then gobble up table delicacies from land and sea. After a while, the food on the table was "robbed" by their family.  At night, the lights lit up many high streets and back lanes, braving the red persimmon as big lanterns in front of the store to guess lantern riddles. Xiaoming can't wait to get a big lantern. It clearly reads: "a big hole on the head, a row of teeth on the leg, enter the house and go out and use it." Xiao Ming took a move and ran to the owner of the shop and said the answer - the key. The boss said: "congratulations on your little friend, you are right, your prize is a Dove chocolate." Xiao Ming listened to the overjoyed, excited to be three feet high, take out chocolate and bite a big bite. Xiao Ming's relatives and family are also rewarded, and his family is quickly becoming a "material bank".  A few days later, let the door eat dumplings, dumplings, every day is very full and happy, colorful fireworks flicker in the night sky. There is no good, his distant relatives will soon be "separate", this is a happy new year, the birds chirping in the trees sing excitedly, they all will be from now singing, now dancing, sleep recovery.  除夕夜的晚上,小明一家为在桌子旁,有说有笑的吃着年夜饭。可这是“叮咚”一声清脆的声音打破了这欢乐的分为,小明心里打了一个问号,心中疑惑不解,想:会是谁呢?他边想边开了门。哦!原来是他的远方亲戚来上海游玩了,他马上把他们请进屋里一起吃年夜饭。  过了一天,大家都早早的起来去拜年。大街上车水马龙,人流如潮,走一步都难了,小明一家缓慢的前进着,终于挤进了地铁站。这是要做什么呢?原来是要去城隍庙游玩,他们仅仅挤在一起,生怕被人群“冲”走了。挤了一个上午,他们终于挤进了小吃店。它们饿虎扑食般走上了二楼,点了一桌子山珍海味,然后狼吞虎咽了起来。没一会儿,桌上的食品都被他们一家子“洗劫一空”了。  晚上,大街小巷都灯火通明,店门前挂了许多冒着红光的柿子一样的大灯笼给大家猜灯谜。小明迫不及待地拿下了一个大灯笼,上面清楚地写着:“头上一个大洞,腿上一排牙齿,进家门出家门都要用它。”小明灵机一动,跑到了店老板那儿说出了谜底——钥匙。老板说:“恭喜你小朋友,你答对了,你的奖品是一板德芙巧克力。”小明听了喜出望外,兴奋得一蹦三尺高,拿出巧克力就咬了一大口。小明的亲戚家人们也都得到了奖励,他家都快成为“物资库”了。  又几天过去了,让门吃汤圆,包饺子,每一天都过得十分充实而又高兴,五彩缤纷的烟花在夜空中闪烁着。天下没有不散的宴席,他的远方亲戚很快就要“各奔东西”了,这是一个快乐的新年,小鸟叽叽喳喳的在枝头上兴奋地欢唱,人们都载歌载舞,万物也即将从长眠之中复苏了。
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