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  Time with laughter and laughter of one second by one second, every family began to be busy again, I know, this is the rhythm of the year, the new year is coming!  Early in the morning, mother got up early and cleaned up with her 'good partners'. They clean the tables and chairs together, clean the corner of the wall... The able mom and her mother and her 'good partner' sweep the floor of the dust, and the table and chair tiles are shining, just new to the new house!  It's a wonderful new year. I went shopping with my mother in the shopping mall. At that time, the shopping malls were crowded with people. We bought new clothes, new trousers, new shoes, and sold a lot of daily necessities. The street was full of the smell of the new year.  Back home, we began to dress up. At the moment the home became new, and we were full of spirit.  New year, with our good wishes: happy new year to you!


  After the new year, I received a lot of lucky money, some of which were given by my parents, some of my grandparents, my uncles, aunts, uncles, aunts, etc. My last year's lucky money bought a step by step reading machine, bought this learning machine, it can take 5 years, five years, and can learn easily. Do you know what to relax? Ha, it is easy to learn knowledge, no point.  This year I plan to come up with some gift money to buy books, and then come up with some of the money to buy school supplies, and during the holidays to buy some gifts for people who love me, we go out to buy some delicious food to students of tourism, there are many things to spend money, so I want to say it.
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