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  下面瑞文网小编为大家分享的是qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】,欢迎大家浏览。   你喜欢阅读吗?阅读能使人明智,使人充实。请以“Reading is very important” 为题,写一篇有关阅读的短文。   要点:1,阅读的益处。 2,你阅读的习惯(喜欢的书籍、阅读的时间、地点、购书方式等) 3,你的阅读体会。 4,你的阅读计划 5,号召大家多阅读 提示:1, 短文中不得出现真实人名和地名。 2, 短文中应该至少包含 3 阁观点 3, 书写工整、语句通顺、连贯。词数不得少于 80.。   注意:文章开头已经给出,不计入总词数。   参考qy288千亿国际手机版: Reading is very important Reading can not only open up our eyes, but also improve our knowledge. I like reading a lot. In my spare time, I often read newspapers and magazines, from which I can get lots of fun and learn about what?s going on around the world. I also read my favorite books such as story books, novels and so on, which make me relax and happy. On weekends , I usually spend a whole afternoon reading in the library. And I often read for about half an hour before going to bed. Now I usually buy my favorite books on line. Summer vacation is coming. I plan to read more English books to improve my English abilities. I often share my favorite books with my friends and classmates. It is time for us to form a good reading habit because it is very important and necessary for us. Let?s do more reading together.
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