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  【文章导读】英语是国际指定的官方语言(作为母语),也是世界上最广泛的第一语言,也是欧盟以及许多国际组织和英联邦国家的官方语言,拥有世界第三位的母语使用者人数,仅次于汉语和西班牙语母语使用者人数。下面是小编为您整理的qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】,供您参考和借鉴。  一. 听力(20分)(略)  二. 单项选择(20分)  21. ——Are you going to Beijing by ______ train?  ——No. I’m taking ______ car.  A. /; a    B. a; the   C. /; /   D. the; a  22. My best friend Wang Ying said she would come ______ Saturday morning.  A. in     B. to     C. on    D. at  23. This physics problem is kind of difficult. Not______can work it out.  A. everybody    B. anybody    C. somebody   D. nobody  24. Jack and his friends often play sports or watch movies for ______ on weekends.  A. exercise   B. wishes    C. hobbies   D. fun  25. ——We are going to the beach next month.  ——That______great.  A. hears    B. listens   C. sees    D. sounds  26. ——Gina is ill in hospital. She can’t come to school today.  ——________.  A. I don’t think so  B. It doesn’t matter  C. I’m sorry to hear that  D. That’s not a good idea  27. I have ______ things to do. I can’t spend ______ time playing computer games.  A. too much; too many  B. too much; too much  C. too many; too much  D. too many; too many  28. I feel very ______. Please give me some water.  A. thirsty     B. relaxed     C. sad     D. angry  29. He doesn’t feel well, so he ______ stop smoking.  A. has to   B. doesn’t   C. likes to   D. have to  30. Thanks a lot for______ me ______ my English.  A. help; on     B. helping; with  C. to help; about    D. helping; to  31. I didn’t know your sister came back_____I met her in the street.  A. ago    B. when    C. until    D. after  32. ——Would you like to visit the museum this Saturday? ——________.  A. Yes, please    B. Sure, I’d love to  C. Yes, I would   D. No, I wouldn’t  33. His mother often makes him ______ TV after supper.  A. watch    B. watching   C. to watch   D. watches  34. ——How are you feeling today?  ——Much ______. I think I can go to school tomorrow.  A. good    B. well    C. better   D. best  35. There ______ rainy and windy in Yuncheng tomorrow.  A. will have    B. will has    C. is having  D. will be  36. ——Did you go to the beach with them yesterday?  ——No. I ______ go there. You know, I can’t swim.  A. sometimes   B. often   C. never   D. usually  37. ——Tomorrow is Sunday. Are you going swimming?  ——I’m not sure. It ______ the weather.  A. looks like     B. waits for  C. looks after   D. depends on  38. ——______ do you have a speech contest?  ——Twice a year.  A. How long    B. How much  C. How many   D. How often  39. It’s very kind of you to ______ so much time showing me around your school.  A. spend   B. take    C. cost    D. have  40. ——Tina, you didn’t come to school yesterday. ______? ——I had a high fever.  A. How about you  B. What was the matter  C. Where did you go  D. What do you do  三. 完形填空(10分)  Jack planned to celebrate (庆祝) his birthday in the afternoon. He would like to celebrate his birthday party in his   41  . As a middle school student, it was his first time to do so. He wanted   42   to know that he was a middle school student! Mike invited (邀请) his classmates to his party. His classmates   43   him many birthday presents (礼物). His mother made a big birthday cake and a lot of delicious food, and Jack   44   them to school. Some of Jack’s classmates played games and some ate food. Jack   45   very happy.  When the party was nearly (几乎) over, Mrs White, Jack’s teacher, came to the classroom   46   a small beautiful box in her hand. Jack was very   47  . “Happy Birthday, Jack.” Jack was so happy that he   48   know what to say. Mrs White said, “  49   didn’t you tell me? I’d like to come here to celebrate the first birthday party in   50   class. Here’s my present for you.”  41. A. home    B. office      C. classroom   D. restaurant  42. A. others   B. another  C. other           D. they  43. A. thanked   B. watched  C. liked        D. gave  44. A. took        B. bought  C. taught       D. stopped  45. A. improved  B. felt      C. practiced   D. talked  46. A. with        B. on         C. to          D. in  47. A. opposite   B. early    C. boring   D. surprised  48. A. doesn’t   B. can’t  C. didn’t D. isn’t  49. A. What    B. Why     C. Where     D. When  50. A. his        B. her       C. their         D. our  四. 阅读理解(20分)  A  Mr White works in an office. He’s very busy and has no time to have a good rest. Every evening, when he comes back from his office, he’s always tired and wants to go to bed early. But his wife often has a lot of interesting things to tell him after dinner. She doesn’t stop talking until she falls asleep (入睡). But it’s usually too late and Mr White has to get up early in the morning when she is still sleeping.  One day Mr White felt terrible and couldn’t go to work. He decided to go to see a doctor. Mrs White went to the hospital with him. Before her husband said what was the matter with him, the woman told the doctor all. The doctor wrote out a prescription (处方). When Mrs White took the medicine to the doctor’s room, the doctor said to her, “The bottle of medicine is for your husband and the pills (药片) are for you.”  “For me?” the woman said in surprise. “I’m fine. I don’t need any medicine!”  “I don’t think so, madam,” said the doctor. “They are sleeping pills. Your husband will be all right soon if you take them.”  51. Mr White ______.  A. has time to have a good sleep  B. is busy but he can have a good sleep  C. isn’t tired and doesn’t like to go to bed early  D. can’t have a good rest because he’s too busy  52. Mr White’s wife ______ every evening.  A. works late     B. writes things  C. keeps talking late   D. watches TV late  53. Mr White has to get up when his wife is sleeping in the morning because ______.  A. he can’t fall asleep  B. he has to go to work  C. he doesn’t want to sleep  D. his wife asks him to get up  54. One day Mr White couldn’t go to work because ______.  A. he was ill  B. his wife was ill  C. his wife didn’t let him go  D. he didn’t want to go to work  55. The sentence “Your husband will be all right soon if you take them.” means Mr White will soon be all right if ______.  A. Mr White takes the pills  B. Mr White takes the bottle of medicine  C. Mrs White takes the bottle of medicine  D. Mrs White stops talking too much at night  B  Some people like to have friends who are different from them. Others like to have friends who are similar to them. What kind of friends do you want for yourself?  Kate  Join Date: March, 2011  Location: the United Kingdom  I like to have friends who are like me. Both my best friend Vades and I like traveling. We went to Italy last month and stayed there for a week. Next month we want to go to Paris. However, Vades is more athletic than me.  Ditlady  Join Date: April, 2011  Location: Canada  I like to have friends who are like me. It can be very helpful. I’m a little quiet and my good friend Libby is quiet, too. Sometimes I don’t know what to do with my problems and she can tell me what I should do, because she knows about me better than people who are different from me.  Harbinger  Join Date: May, 2011  Hi, everyone! I had a cold last week and just got here. In my opinion, it is important to have both kinds of friends. That makes your life more interesting.  56. Where is Kate going next month?  A. To the USA.      B. To the UK.  C. To Italy.            D. To France.  57. What’s Libby like?  A. She’s as beautiful as Ditlady.  B. She’s more outgoing than Ditlady.  C. She’s as quiet as Ditlady.  D. She’s more athletic than Ditlady.  58. What was the matter with Harbinger last week?  A. He had a cold.   B. He had a headache.  C. He had a fever.  D. He had a toothache.  59. What kind of friends does Harbinger like to have?  A. Those who are different from him.  B. Those who are the same as him.  C. He doesn’t like to make friends.  D. He likes to have different kinds of friends.  60. What does the underlined word “similar” mean?  A. 一致的     B. 相似的    C. 友好的    D. 简单的 [qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】]相关文章: 1.初二政治期中测试题及答案 2.初二英语期末测试题参考 3.初二历史复习资料期末检测试题及答案 4.医学试题及其答案 5.红岩测试题及答案 6.智力测试题及答案 7.数列测试题及答案 8.爱情测试题及答案 9.智商测试题及答案 10.情商测试题及答案