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  六年级下册英语试卷的试题内容有哪些?大家知道这些试题的答案吗?下面小编给大家带来六年级下册英语试卷试题及答案,欢迎大家阅读。  六年级下册英语试卷试题  一、单项选择。  ( ) 1. You __________ run _________ the classroom.  A. mustn’t, in B. should, in C. shouldn’t, out of  ( ) 2. I like in summer and in winter.  A. swimming; skating B. swims; skates C. swim; skate  ( ) 3. He also does at home. He never goes to bed late.  A. good B. well C. nice  ( ) 4. You must __________ run _______ play on the road.  A. not, or B. to, and C. not, and  ( ) 5. He waits for the ______ man before he ________ the road.  A. red, crosses B. green, crosses C. green, cross  ( ) 6. He’d like around Hong Kong.  A. traveling B. travels C. to travel  ( ) 7. You’ll find the Grand Canyon in _____________.  A. the UK B. the US C. Australia  ( ) 8. Beijing is the capital of China. London is the capital of .  A. the US B. France C. the UK  ( ) 9.Look, the old woman is the bus. Let’s help .  A. gets on B. getting on; she C. getting on; her  ( ) 10. Nancy is talking her plans the weekend Miss Li.  A. about; at; to B. to; about; for C. about; for; with  二、情境匹配  A B  ( ) 1. Where will you go this afternoon? A. I will give her a gift.  ( ) 2. Where did you go in USA? B. Yes, I am  ( ) 3. Will Yang Ling go to Jinshan Park? C. The shopping centre.  ( ) 4. Are you good at playing table tennis? D. Yes, she will.  ( ) 5. What will you do for your teacher? E. I went to Washington  三、看图补全对话  1. A: you up early?  B: No, I don’t.  A: What do you up?  B: nine.  2. A: the matter , Liu Tao?  B: I feel .  A: Did you go to bed at twelve?  B: Yes , I . I to bed at twelve.  A: It’s too late. You should go to bed .  四、根据短文内容,选择合适的答案。  (一)  Peter, Ann, Mary and their parents went to the countryside for their summer holiday. That was a beautiful place. They lived in a farmer’s house. The farmer was Mr Black.  In the morning, they went for a walk in a forest. They saw a river. The father wanted to swim in it. So he jumped into the river. After some time, he came out. He said there were a lot of fish in it. In the afternoon, Peter and Mary went fishing by the river. Two hours later they caught ten fish. In the evening, Ann cooked the fish and some other delicious food for dinner. They ate a lot. They were very happy.  ( ) 1. Where did Peter and his family go for their summer holiday?  A. They went to the mountains.  B. They went to the countryside.  C. They went to a big city.  ( ) 2. Where did they live?  A. They lived in a forest. B. They lived near a river.  C. They lived in Mr. Black’s house.  ( ) 3. Can the father swim?  A. Yes, he can. B. No, he can’t. C. We don’t know.  ( ) 4. Who caught a lot of fish in the afternoon?  A. Peter’s father did. B. Peter and Ann did.  C. Mary and Peter did.  ( ) 5. How many fish did they catch?  A. A lot of. B. Only one. C. Ten fish.  (二)  Mrs. Jones was a teacher. Her house was not far from her school, and she often walked there in the morning. All the students in the school were very young.  One cold and windy morning in October, Mrs. Jones walked to school. The cold wind went into her eyes and big tears (泪) began to run out of them. She reached (到达) the school, open the door and went into the classroom.  It was nice, warm there and Mrs. Jones was happy. But then a small boy looked at her for some time, put his arms round her and said (说): “ Don’t cry, Mrs. Jones. School isn’t very bad.”  根据短文,选择正确答案。  ( ) 1. Mrs. Jones was a teacher and she usually went to school _______.  A. on foot B. by train C. by bus D. by bike  ( ) 2. ______ when she went to school one morning.  A. It was hot B. It was windy and cold C. It was sunny.  D. It was snowing  ( ) 3. Why did big tears begin to run out of her eyes ?  A. Because she was very cold. B. Because she was very sad. C. Because the cold wind went into her eyes.  D. Because she was very happy.  ( ) 4. The classroom was _______ .  A. cold B. cool C. warm D. hot  ( ) 5. The small boy wanted to _______.  A. make Mrs. Jones sad B. make Mrs. Jones happy  C. make Mrs. Jones angry D. laugh at (嘲笑) Mrs. Jones  答案:  一、AABAC CBCCC  二、CEDBA  三、1. Do get time get At  2. What’s sleepy did went early  四、(一)BCCCC  (二) ABCCB  五、1.Yang Ling is reading loudly.  2. You can wait on the pavement.  3. You shouldn’t smoke in the restaurant.  4. The children are talking happily.  5. You shouldn’t eat or drink in the library. [qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】]相关文章: 1.六年级下语文试题及答案 2.高二英语试卷试题 3.会计英语试题及答案 4.六上语文试题及答案 5.小学语文毕业试卷试题答案 6.中考试卷试题及答案 7.试题研究物理试卷答案 8.高考英语的试题及答案 9.初三英语试题附加答案 10.自考英语二试题答案