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  1. Michael ______ be a policeman, for he’s much too short.  A. needn’t  B. can’t  C. should  D. may  2. ______ I know your name?  A. May  B. Will  C. Shall  D. Must  3. You ______ be more careful next time.  A. have to  B. may  C. must  D. might  4. You ______ miss the lesson, though we ______ have it on Thursday.  A. mustn’t; needn’t  B. needn’t; mustn’t  C. mustn’t; mustn’t  D. needn’t; needn’t  5. This pen looks like mine, yet it isn’t. whose ______ it be?  A. must  B. may  C. would  D. can  6. What kinds of homes will we live in the future? Nobody ______ be sure, butscientists are working out new ideas now.  A. will  B. may  C. can  D. must  7. I ______ like to know where you were born.  A. shall  B. should  C. do  D. may  8. ______ you be happy!  A. Might  B. Must  C. Wish  D. May  9. A teacher ______ do every exercise, but a student must.  A. may not  B. needn’t  C. can’t  D. mustn’t  10. The matter ______ be changed into a gas, but it _______ be heated to its boilingpoint.  A. may; needn’t  B. may; can  C. mustn’t; needn’t  D. can; must  11. Teachers and students ______ look coldly at you for a day or two, but there arefriendly feelings in their hearts.  A. must  B. can  C. may  D. should  12. Cars and buses ______ stop when the traffic lights turn red.  A. can  B. need  C. may  D. must  13. –Do you think his story ______ true? --I don’ think so. But it sounds good.  A. must be  B. may be  C. can be  D. has to be  14. Look out! The knife is very sharp. You ______ cut your finger.  A. need  B. must  C. should  D. may  15. –How long ______ the book be kept?  --For two weeks, but you ______ return it on time.  A. can; may  B. may; need  C. can; must  D. must; need  16. – May I have an apple, Mum?  --Certainly. But you ______ wash your hands first?  A. may  B. must  C. can  D. need  17. –There is a lot of smoke coming out of the teaching building there.  --Really? It ______ be a fire, most probably.  A. can  B. ought to  C. may  D. must  18. –Shall I tell John about the bad news?  --No, you ______. I think that will make him sad.  A. needn’t  B. wouldn’t  C. shouldn’t  D. mustn’t  19. –Could I call you by your first name? --Yes, you ______.  A. will  B. could  C. may  D. might  20. –Let’s go to the cinema, shall we? -- _______.  A. No, I can’t  B. Yes, I will  C. Yes, thank you  D. No, we’d better not


  一、 单项填空。将正确的序号填写在前面的括号里。  ( )1. Last Sunday, I ______ a big surprise.  A. have   B. has   C. had  ( )2. The tree is thirty metres _______.  A. old   B. tall   C. long  ( )3. You don’t send _______ letters, So I haven’t got any stamps.  A. I   B. my   C. me  ( )4. A: When is Thanksgiving? B: It’s in __________.  A. October  B. November  C. December  ( )5. _______ to music is my hobby.  A. Listening  B. Listen  C. Singing  ( )6. I’m going to _____ an email ______ my mum.  A. send, for  B. sent, to  C. send, to  ( )7.A: Will you go shopping ____ go swimming?  B: I’ll go swimming.  A. and   B. so   C. or  ( )8. I want an _____ friend.  A. American  B. Chinese  C. Canadian  ( )9. Hello, I’m Tingting. I’m from China. I’m ______ Chinese.  A. a   B. an   C. /  ( )10. Sh! Tom is ________ in the room .  A. sleep   B. sleeps   C. sleeping  ( )11. We should _______ homework every day.  A. do   B. did   C. does  ( )12. I don’t like playing the flute. I _______ play it.  A. often   B. always   C. never  ( )13. A: Let me help you. B: ________.  A. Thank you  B. No, you don’t  C. Sure.  ( )14. Do you want _______ to the Changjiang River?  A. go   B. to go   C. going  ( )15. One of my ________ is very tall.  A. friend   B. friends   C. a friend  二、 根据汉语提示,结合语境,补全单词。  1. There are lots of ______ ______(办公大楼) and shops.  2. The Dragon Boats Festival is _______(将近)here.  3. Laura, this is Peter. ________(高兴的)to meet you.  4. My mother _____(给) a birthday present to me yesterday.  5. China is one of the 193 ______ ______(成员国)in the UN.  6. I didn’t bring any food. I _____(忘记)。  7. You can answer the question with different _____ (方法)。  8. I sometimes clean the _______(黑板)for my teachers.  三、句子理解。  A. 根据问句,找出对应的答句。  ( )1.How long is the Great Wall?   A. Yes, I have.  ( )2.Have you got a computer?     B. I want to visit the Great Wall.  ( )3.Where do you come from?     C. I’m from China.  ( )4.Do snakes love music?      D. It’s about 40 thousand li long.  ( )5.Where do you want to visit?   E. No, they don’t.  四、情景交际,补全对话。  A. They speak Chinese and English.  B. So interesting.  C. Is there a Chinatown near here?  D. What is the Chinatown like?  E. Is the food different from Chinese food?  A: _____________  B: Yes. This Chinatown is very big.  A: ______________  B: There are lots of Chinese shops and restaurants.  A: Do people speak Chinese in Chinatown?  B: Not just Chinese. ___________  A: _____________  B: Yes, they’re different.  A: _____________
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