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  一、写出下列单词的过去式。(22分)  learn _______ sing ________ dance _______ eat _______am/is_______ fly_______  take _______ climb _______ have ________ buy ________play________ visit ________  row _______ see _______ get _______ read ________wash _______ clean_______  do ________ go ________ leave ________watch________  二、写出下列单词或词组(动词写过去式)。(20分)  唱歌和跳舞________________ 照相____________  爬山______________________买礼物___________  游泳_____________________ 看大象___________  去滑雪___________________ 去滑冰___________  吃好吃的__________________学汉语___________  三、选择。(10分)  ( ) 1. _______ did you do on your holiday ?  A.How B.Where C.What  ( ) 2. Where _____ you _____ on your holiday ?  A. did, go B. did, do C. did, went  ( ) 3. She ________ last weekend .  A. went ski B. went sking C. went skiing  ( ) 4. He bought some books ____ me .  A.to B.for C.at  ( ) 5. I _______ and ________ yesterday .  A. sang, dance B. sang, danced C. sing, danced  四、给问句选择正确的答句。(10分)  A  ( )1、Where did you go ?              A. Last weekend.  ( )2、How did you go there?           B.We went skiing.  ( )3、When did you take the photos?   C.I went to Beijing.  ( )4、What did you do yesterday?      D. Yes, I did.  ( )5、Did you have a good time?       E. We went there by plane.  B  ( ) 1. What did he do yesterday ?            A. Yes, she did.  ( ) 2. Did she wash the clothes yesterday ?  B. I went fishing .  ( ) 3. What did you do last weekend ?        C. No, I didn’t .  ( ) 4. Did you went to the park ?            D. He read a book yesterday.  ( ) 5. What was the weather yesterday ?      E. It was sunny .  五、连词成句。(18分)  1、took, many, in, we, park, pictures, the (肯定句)  _____________________________________________________  2、do, you, did, night, last, what (疑问句)  _____________________________________________________  3、presents, for, friends, my, bought, I (肯定句)  _____________________________________________________  4、Xinjiang, How, to, did, go, you(疑问句)  _____________________________________________________  5、holiday, your, did, where, you, go, on (疑问句)  _____________________________________________________  六、用所给的词填空,每词用一次。(10分)  ( took, climbed, food, saw, older, sang, happy, old, mountains, had )  Yesterday I________a mountain with my cousin Tom. Tom is 13 years ________. He is one year ________than I. We took some _________and drinks with us. And Tom took his camera, too. On the mountain, we took a lot of pictures of the beautiful scenery. When we got to the top of the _________, it was 2:00 p.m.We _______and danced there. We got tired. But we felt very ________. Because we________ some squirrels and ________many pictures. We ________a good time.  七、读下列短文,选择正确答案(10分)  Today was hot. I went to the farm(农场) with my parents. There was a river near the farm . I went to the river with my dog . We ran and played . Suddenly I dropped (掉进)into the river ,“Help , Help……”My dog jumped into(跳进)the river and swam to me , Ten minutes later , I was saved(救). I was grateful to him. We are good friends.  ( )1、It was very______________ .  A、cold B、hot C、windy  ( )2、I went to the farm with my ______________.  A、parents B、friends C、teacher  ( )3、I ran and played with ______________.  A、my cat B、my dog C、my sister  ( )4、______________jumped into the river and saved me.  A、My dog B、My mother C、My father  ( )5、I was very grateful to my______________ .  A、mother B、friend C、dog
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