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  一、 连线成句。(10分)  1. How do you                  at yellow light.  2. How can you I              the traffic light.  3. sometimes I go                go to school?  4. wait                       get to the zoo?  5. Look at                      by bus  二、 排列句子,注意标点符号。(10分)  1. you   how  go  WenCHang  do  to  ?  2. zoo  I  to  get  can  how  the  ?  3. I  to  usually  go  on  school  foot .  4. go  you   by  can  No.   the   bus  12  .  5. foot  I   sometimes  go   the  to   park  on  .  三、 单选。(10分)  (  )1. How do you go to Haikou?  A, I go to Haikou by bus.   B. I go to WenCHang on foot.  (  )2. __at red light.  A.wait      B. go    C. stop  (  )3.You can go by__(地铁).  A. train   B. bus   C. subway  (  )4. How do you go to Canada?  _I go by__(飞机)  A.car   B. bike   C. plane  (  )5. How can I get to the nature park?  A. You can go by the No. 1 bus.  B. You can.  四、找好朋友,然后连起来。(10分)  By bus                               乘火车  traffic light                        等;等待  By bike                              乘地铁  traffic rule                          停;停车站  By train                              乘轮船  stop                                   澳大利亚  By subway                         乘公共汽车  wait                                   交通规则  By ship                              乘自行车  Australia                            交通灯


  I. Read and choose.(读一读,找出每组单词中不同类的一个。10’)  (     ) 1. A. go        B. behind        C.in front of  (     ) 2. A. museum     B. post office      C. music  (     ) 3. A. on         B.is            C. at  (     ) 4. A. turn right     B. go home       C. turn left  (     ) 5.A.pizza         B. hamburger      C. restaurant  II. Read and choose.(读一读,选出正确的答案。10’)  (     ) 1. -- How can I ________the cinema?  -- Go straight and turn left.  A. get to          B. get on            C. get off  (     ) 2. What ________interesting film !  A. a              B. an               C. the  (     ) 3. Turn left ________ the cinema.  A. on             B. of               C. at  (     ) 4. If you want to see a doctor, you can go to the ______.          A. hospital         B. library           C. cinema  (     ) 5. The restaurant is next to the park _________Dongfang Street.  A. at              B. on              C. to  (   )6.Where is the post office?  A.Thank you.  B.Is there a post office?   C.It’s next to the bookstore. (     ) 7.Robin has GPS. He can ______________.  A. find food        B. read books       C. find the way  (     ) 8.The hospital is __________the cinema.  A. next              B. near        C. near to  (     )9.--________ is the museum shop? --It’s next to the door.  A. What           B.Where            C.How  (     )10. I want ________________ a bag.  A. buy            B. to buy            C.buying  III. Read and write(读一读,根据提示写出正确答案10’)  1. It’s next to the __________________ .(书店)  2. Excuse me. Where is the _______________?( 医院)  3. ___________________.(直走)  4. __________________(左转) at the science museum.  5. __________________(右转)at the cinema. You can see it .  IV. Read and choose (读一读,选择正确的答语10’)  1.Is there a park in your city?(  )  2.Where is the bookstore? (  )  3.How can we get to the museum? (  )  4.Is it far? (  )  A.It’s next to the hospital.  B.No, it’s not far.  C.Yes, there is.  D.First, go straight.Then, turn left  V. Read and complete a sentence.(连词成句。10’)  1. how    I    can    get to    the    post office  (?)  ________________________________________________________?  2. a    hospital    near here    is    there  (?)  ______________________________________________?  3. the    next to    it’s    bookstore  (.)  _____________________________________________.  4. school    at    the    turn right  (.)  _____________________________________________.  5. is  the  post  office  where   (?)  ______________________________________?  VI. Read and write(根据汉语意思,补全句子。10’)  1.直走,然后在医院处左转。  Go straight and turn left _________  __________ __________________. 2.我怎么到邮局?  ___________ can I ___________ ___________ the post office?  3.先直走,然后在第一个十字路口右转。  First, ______straight and then _________  ___________ at the first ______.  VII. Read and write(看答语,写问句。10’)  1.---______________________________________?  ---No, there isn’t a hospital near here.  2.---_______________________________________?  ---The bookstore is next to the cinema.  3.---_______________________________________?  ---No, it’s not far.  4.---_______________________________________?  ---Go straight for 5 minutes and you’ll get there. 5.---_______________________________________?  --- The hospital is in front of the post office.  VIII. Read and choose(从方框中选择正确的选项补全对话10’)  Tom: Excuse me. _______. Alice: Yes, there is.There is a big hospital.Tom:__________         Alice: No, it’s not far.  Tom:________         Alice: First, go straight for 3 minutes. Then turn left.______  Tom:Thanks.             Alice: _________  A:Is it far from here?  B: How can I get to the hospital?  C:Is there a hospital near here?  D:You’re welcome.  E:You’ll see the hospital on the left.  IX. Comprehension. (阅读理解。10’)  A  Mike: Hi, Tina. I’m hungry. Let’s go to the restaurant.  Tina: Me too. I know a great American restaurant.  Mike: Really? I like beef! Where is the restaurant? Is it near here?  Tina: Turn right here, then go straight, and we can see it.  Mike: Great! Let’s go now!  Read and choose.(阅读对话,选择正确答案。)  (     ) 1. Mike and Tina are ______ now.  A. hungry        B. thirsty      C. happy  (     ) 2. They want to go to the _____.  A. park          B. cinema      C. restaurant  (     ) 3. Mike likes ______.          A. pizza          B. beef         C. bananas  (     ) 4. --Is the restaurant near here?  -- ___________.  A. Yes, it is.        B. No, it isn’t.      C. I don’t know  (     ) 5. Turn right here, then ______, and they can see the restaurant.         A. go straight       B. turn left      C. stop and wait  B  Oliver: Hi, John. I want to go to post office. Do you know where is it? John: Hi, Oliver. It’s next to the Xinhua Bookstore.  Oliver: How can I get to the Xinhua Bookstore?  John: Turn left here and you can find a bus stop. Take the No. 7 bus. Get off at the bookstore. The post office is on the right.  Read and tick or cross. (根据对话内容,判断正误,用T/F表示。) (     ) 1. Oliver wants to go to bookstore.  (     ) 2. The post office is near the Xinhua Bookstore.  (    ) 3. Oliver can take the NO. 17 bus to the Xinhua Bookstore. (     ) 4. The post office is on the right.  X. Writing. (写作。)  Lily 和她的朋友们要去一家意大利餐馆吃比萨饼。请你根据提示写出他们行走的路线。  提示:他们现在在电影院前面,直走,到书店右转。他们到达了邮局的后面,然后他们左转就到达餐馆了。  Lily and her friends want to eat some pizza in an Italian restaurant. They are in front of the cinema now. They                                                ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
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