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  一、选择题  1.—Have you heard the latest news?—No,What _________?  A.is it  B.is there  C.are they  D.are those  2.—The last one ________ pays the meal.—Agreed!  A.arrived  B.arrives  C.to arrive  D.arriving  3.We _________ so as not to wake the roommates.  A.whispered  B.moaned  C.grunted  D.muttered  4.Some pre-school children go to a day care center,_________ they learn simple games and songs.  A.then  B.there  C.while  D.where  5._________ nothing more to discuss,the CEO got to his feet,said goodbye and left the meeting room.  A.There was  B.Being  C.There being  D.As there being  6.I know a little bit about Italy as my wife and I _________ there several years ago.  A.are going  B.had been  C.went  D.have been  7.“Why didn’t Tom come to the party last night?”“He _________ not have wanted to see me.”  A.should  B.would  C.could  D.might  8.Although he is only 5 years old,he has _________ aimagination.  A.furtive  B.fertile  C.frank  D.furious  9.The manager suggested an earlier date _________ the meeting.  A.on  B.for  C.about  D.with  10.Now many people buy _________ Christmas trees instead of real ones.  A.false  B.fake  C.sham  D.artificial  11.Could you give me a hint without _________ the answer?  A.giving off  B.giving away  C.giving up  D.giving in  12.The flowers were so lovely that they _________ in no time.  A.sold  B.had been sold  C.were sold  D.would sell  13.After a number of disagreements with the committee,the chairman was determined to _________.  A.retire  B.withdraw  C.retreat  D.resign  14.We all can’t _________ why she married a man like this.  A.reason out  B.figure out  C.make believe  D.take in  15.“Goodbye,then,” she said,without even _________ from her book.  A.looking down  B.looking up  C.looking away  D.looking on  16.Between the two generations,it is often not _________ their age,their education that causes misunderstanding.  A.like  B.as  C.or  D.but  17.—It’s a long time since I saw my sister.—_________ her this weekend?  A.Why not visit  B.why not to visit  C.Why not visiting  D.Why don’t visit  18.—Can you read the sign,sir? No smoking allowed in the lift!—_________ .  A.Never mind  B.Don’t mention it  C.Sure,I don’t smoke  D.Pardon me  19.Mary’s close _________ to her sister made people mistake them for one another.  A.accuracy  B.membership  C.probability  D.resemblance  20._________ to the question of refreshments,I should think lemonade and sandwiches will be enough.  A.Prior  B.As  C.Due  D.According  二、阅读理解  One of my close friends, Bob, has a very large police dog named Jack. Every Sunday afternoon, Bob and Jack have a walk in the park nearby. Jack likes these walks very much. One Sunday afternoon, I paid a visit to my friend. I stayed there for a long time and my friend and I had much more talk with each other than ever before. Soon it was time for them to take a walk in the park. We forgot that. Jack became worried about it. He walked around the room several times and then sat down in front of me and looked at me. But I still paid no attention (注意) to him. I went on talking with my friend. At last, Jack could not wait any longer. He went out of the room and came back a few minutes later. He sat down in front of me again. But this time, he held my hat in his mouth. Suddenly, I understood what Jack meant and so did my friend.  1.How many people are there in this story?______.  A.One  B.Two  C.Three  D.Four  2.Jack______.  B.enjoys long walks in the park every Sunday afternoon  B.enjoys long walks in the park every Sunday afternoon  C.has many close friends  D.enjoys talks in the room  3.Jack was worried because______.  A.he wanted to eat something  B.it was Sunday afternoon again  C.he was not feeling well  D.he wanted his master (主人) to take him for a walk  4.Jack took my hat in his mouth to show that______.  A.I should leave the house at once  B.he liked my hat very much  C.he was hungry and he tried to eat it  D.he wanted to have a rest  5.Which of the following is true?______.  A.When Jack and I were talking, my friend didn't pay any attention to us  B.When I was talking to my friend, Jack didn't pay any attention to us  C.When my friend and I were talking, we didn't pay any attention to Jack  D.When my friend was talking to Jack, I paid attention to them


  一、选不同类单词  1.A.armB.eyeC.ball  2.A.bananaB.headC.apple  3.A.shipB.redC.yellow  4.A.rainyB.snowyC.sun  5.A.swimB.bigC.small  二、单选  1. _________ come to Yang Ling’s birthday party?  A.Would like to  B.Would you like to  C.Would you like  D.Would you to  2. --- Where ______ you just now? --- I ________ in the playground.  A.was, were  B.was, was  C.were, was  D.were, were  3. Ben and I _______ some flowers last week.  A.plant  B.planted  C.planting  D.plants  4. – What ______ he do? – He _______ pears on the farm.  A.does, pick  B.did, picks  C.does, picked  D.did, picked  5. This knife is yours, Ann._______, please.  A.Put on it  B.Put it on  C.Put it away  D.Put it away  6. I want to ______.It is fun!  A.go camping  B.going camping  C.go to camping  D.going to camping  7. Can you say the names _______ the things?  A.for  B.to  C.with  D.of  8. All my ________ to my birthday party last night.  A.friends came  B.friend came  C.friends come  D.friend come  9. _______ your new sweater _________ me, please.  A.Show, to  B.Give, for  C.Have, for  D.Shows, to  10. The Walkman is in ________ Su Hai’s pocket.  A.the  B./  C.a  D.that  11. --- Here’s a card for you.Happy birthday! --- ___________.  A.Thanks  B.No, thank you  C.Yes, please  D.Ok  12. It’s very hot.Jim is ______ his coat.  A.putting on  B.taking off  C.taking down  D.take off  13. ________ make noise; They’re _________ music.  A.Don’t; listening  B.Not; listening  C.Don’t  14. --- What day is it today? --- ____________.  A.It’s February 10  B.It’s a Wednesday  C.It’s fine  D.Friday  15. “Keep off the grass” means __________.  A.we shouldn’t make any noise on the grass  B.we shouldn’t walk on the grass  C.we shouldn’t eat or drink on the grass  D.we shouldn’t smoke on the grass  三、完形填空  Dear Susan,  How are you? It’s very nice of you to write _1_ me._ 2_ your letter I know a lot _3 _ you and your school now.I will tell you _4 _ about me and my school.  I am eleven _ 5_ old.I’m in _6_ at Jinling primary School.My mother is a _ 7 _ .She teaches Maths.My father is an _8 _ .He’s good at his work.  There _ 9 _ 1 500 students and 100 teachers in our school.Our classrooms are big and bright.Please come and have a look _10_ our school if you have time.  Yours,  Wang Ying  1.A.forB.toC.fromD.in  2.A.ForB.ToC.FromD.About  3.A.inB.aboutC.withD.at  4.A.anythingB.somethingC.sometimesD.someone  5.A.yearB./C.yearsD.age  6.A.Grade Five,Class ThreeB.Grade five,Class threeC.Class three,Grade FiveD.Class Three,Grade Five  7.A.studentB.teacherC.doctorD.worker  8.A.farmerB.teacherC.doctorD.engineer  9.A.amB.isC.areD.be  10.A.inB.aboutC.atD.on  四、阅读理解  David’s birthday was on a snowy day in December. He got lots of presents from his family and friends.  His father and mother gave him a red box with a storybook in it. His mother said, “There are a lot of funny stories in it, it’s good for you.” Mike, David’s best friend, gave him a large box. A toy car is in it.  David’s sister gave him a round box. “It is a birthday cake,” he thought. But it was a basketball. David likes playing basketball.  David’s brother gave him a big yellow box. David opened it and there was another box in it. The box was green. He opened the small box and saw the third box. This one was blue. There was a short letter in it. “Go to your study. You can see three boxes there, a black one, a grey one and a white one. Your birthday present is in one of them.” David ran to his study and found them on the desk. The black one is bigger than the grey one, and the white one is the smallest. He opened the grey box, but found nothing in it. Then he opened the biggest one. He was very glad to see a model plane in it.  1. David’s parents put their present in _________ for his birthday.  A. a yellow box  B. a lot of boxes  C. a black box  D. a red box  2. Who is Mike?  A. A friend of David’s father’s  B. One of David’s best friends.  C. David’s brother.  D. David’s sister.  3. What colour was the biggest box?  A. White  B. Black  C. Grey  D. Blue  4. How many boxes did David’s brother give him?  A. Four  B. Five  C. Six  D. Seven  5. What was in the biggest box?  A. A book  B. A letter  C. A model plane  D. A small box. [qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】]相关文章: 1.六年级下册英语测试题及答案 2.六年级下册奥数测试题 3.小学六年级下册测试题 4.六年级科学下册测试题 5.2018六年级数学下册期中测试题 6.六年级下册试卷测试题 7.六年级下册比例测试题 8.化学下册测试题及答案 9.七年级英语下册Unit8测试题 10.五年级英语下册测试题答案