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  Hello everyone!  My name is-.I want to be the monitor of our class for I can undertake the responsibility and I have enough ability to be competent!First,what I think the monitor is a sever for a class,he should spare no effort to help everyone in study and daily life.Second,I will do my best in study,thus helping others.At last,I will completely layout our descipline in practice.Surely I believe I can!  Thank you!  【译文】  大家好!  我的名字是-我想成为我们班的班长,因为我可以承担责任,我有足够的能力去胜任!首先,我认为班长是一个严重的一类,他应该努力帮助大家学习和生活。其次,我要学习做我最好的,从而帮助别人。最后,我将完全布置我们的专业实践。当然,我相信我可以!  谢谢!


  Beloved teacher, dear students:  Everybody is good!  My name is Zhang Xiaohua, chose to run for the monitor, because I get up the courage. In the class, I was a leader, learning has always been good to answer questions -- class actively accurate, is the teacher's small cotton padded jacket; in the morning reading, I have a certain management ability, is the small guards maintain class order; in the class, I can play with my classmates together, remind they don't play dangerous games. Of course, I will redouble its efforts to study, communication, training, to contribute to the honor classes!  Although, I know there is a lot of good than their own students, but I understand, participation.  If you choose me, I will try to the leader's responsibility, work hard together with classmates, there are dissatisfied with my fellow  Science can and I said, I must correct the errors in time.  Thank you!  【译文】  敬爱的老师,亲爱的同学们:  大家好!  我叫张小华,之所以来竞选班长,是因为我鼓足了勇气。在班级中,我算是一个佼佼者,学习一直不错——上课能积极准确的回答问题,是老师的小棉袄;在早读时,我有一定的管控力,是维护班级秩序的小卫士;在下课时,我可以和同学们玩到一块,提醒他们不要玩危险游戏。当然,自己一定会加倍努力的学习、交流、锻炼,为班级荣誉贡献一份力量!  虽然,我知道比自己优秀的同学还有很多,但我明白,重在参与。  如果大家选择了我,我一定会尽到领头雁的责任,与同学们一起努力,对我有不满的同  学可以和我说,我一定及时改正错误。  谢谢大家! [qy288千亿国际手机版|qy288|千亿国际娱乐【欢迎您】]相关文章: 1.竞选班长演讲稿200字怎么写 2.当班长的演讲稿怎么写 3.三年级班长竞选演讲稿怎么写 4.四年级班长竞选演讲稿怎么写 5.五年级班长竞选演讲稿怎么写 6.关于班长竞选演讲稿 7.副班长竞选的演讲稿 8.大队长竞选演讲稿怎么写 9.大队委竞选演讲稿500字怎么写 10.竞选团委演讲稿怎么写