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  自我介绍:我的自画像英文qy288千亿国际手机版  As finish class since the noise of the bell, each gate opened wide 3 grade. Classmates emerge from the doorway like tidewater. In the crowd, have a 3 · 2 schoolboy, high stature, let him be in stream of people a Triton of the minnows, conspicuous. This boy is me, a handsome sunshine boy. My disposition is empty like Sun Wu, sometimes clear sky 10 thousand lis, sometimes cloudy, still sometimes lightning thunderous, metabolic multiterminal. Seem weather, say to change. Clear sky 10 thousand lis when, laugh can pass through valley, in the resound between the valley, always do not have go to bed; Cloudy when, teardrop is like golden bean, if string together string of pearl to scatter,fall down again, choke up with sobs; When thunder and bolt, howl, sufficient can let machine of propaganda to the enemy at the front line of a psychology lose power... I am opposite  book is super and enchanted, be a be worthy of the namethe book is crazy. Of course, I also do not see a book in vain. To remember the content of the book, I am experienced photographic competence. Still can cause a few with mom sometimesbook loot battle, often is fail with mine and end, because I have a meal,read a book, sleep read a book, accompany with photograph of book a very short time.  I am more infatuate to motion, want shuttlecock and ping-pong everyday almost. Among them, I like badminton most. Below the case that can manage ball bureau again, I have a principle, attack gently, prevent urgently, take care of comprehensive, result prevent hold concurrently, reach every aspect of a matter. Understand this principle, I am hit won several ball game, hit methe world. I am special be good at drought ice, what drift, thin leg slippery, turn is me is special competence. Drift has not calculated 360 degrees infrequent, it is difficult to advance type to quicken new platoon to also do not calculate. I also like to read aloud very much, no matter be ancient poetry essay,still be contemporary long poem, I can have lasting appeal ground to numerate very much come. This is me, ordinary and not common boy.
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